Camping Cutlery Set Outdoro Camping Cutlery and Travel Cutlery

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Camping cutlery set Outdoro Camping cutlery and travel cutlery made of stainless steel with neoprene cutlery bag - ideal cutlery set for outdoors and travelling

VERSATILE: This 5-piece cutlery set includes a knife, fork, tablespoon, teaspoon and bottle opener. This means your camping kitchen is perfectly equipped. LIGHT AND COMPACT: The travel cutlery weighs only 110 g and is specially designed for camping, traveling and backpacking where every gram plays a role. The dimensions are 20 x 6 cm x 2 cm. NEOPRENE BAG: The included zippered bag made of neoprene allows for easy transport with your Camping dishes – No matter what the weather! HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The cutlery is made of high-quality, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, the bottle opener is made of weight-saving aluminum. FOOD SAFE: The outdoor cutlery is tested for food safety. In addition, the product is subject to our quality control.

Instructions for using the Outdoro camping cutlery and travel cutlery

  • 1. Unpack the camping cutlery and check that it is complete
  • 2. Clean and dry thoroughly before use
  • 3. The camping cutlery is versatile, both for use when camping and when traveling
  • 4. The set is made of sturdy stainless steel and includes a knife, fork, spoon and a bottle opener
  • 5. Knife, fork and spoon are ergonomically shaped and fit comfortably in the hand
  • 6. The cutlery is rustproof and dishwasher safe
  • 7. For the best hygienic conditions, we recommend disinfecting the cutlery before use
  • 8. The camping cutlery set is space-saving and easy to transport as it comes in a practical nylon case
  • 9. The case can be easily attached to a backpack and allows quick access to cutlery
  • 10. After use, clean the cutlery thoroughly and allow it to dry again before putting it back in the case
  • 11. The robust construction of the camping cutlery guarantees a long service life and is suitable for everyday use

Technical details

Camping Cutlery Set Outdoro Camping Cutlery and Travel Cutlery
ModelCamping Cutlery Set Outdoro Camping Cutlery and Travel Cutlery
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4good
ExtrasBottle Openers
Suitable for1 person
MaterialStainless Steel
Lightweight++ 110g
Existing cutlery1 x spoon 1 x knife 1 x fork
Other variantsnone
Dishwasher safe
  • particularly durable
  • dishwasher safe
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