Table saw Scheppach HS 100 S special edition - circular saw

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The Scheppach HS 100 S special edition table saw is a versatile and powerful saw that is suitable for a wide range of applications. With its large saw blade and its high cutting depth, it can process a variety of materials. The saw is very easy to use and very stable and durable.

Circular saw product instructions

Purpose:– Cutting wooden boards - Making uneven cuts - Precision work on wood


1. Preparation:– Set the Table Saw on a flat surface and ensure sufficient freedom of movement.- Connect the power cable to a suitable power source and ensure that the main switch is turned off.2. Prepare material:– Carefully measure the material you want to cut. - Mark the cutting line with a pencil or marking tool.3. Make settings:– Adjust the cutting height and cutting angle according to your requirements.4. Carry out cutting:– Hold the material securely on the work table with both hands.- Switch on the table saw and feed the material through the saw slowly and in a controlled manner.5. Rework:– Check the cut for accuracy and smooth surface.- If necessary, make additional cuts according to your requirements.6. Safety instructions:– Always wear safety glasses, hearing protection and appropriate protective clothing.- Keep your hands and fingers away from the saw and always use a push stick.- Turn off the table saw and unplug it when not in use.


The table saw Scheppach HS 100 S Special Edition is a versatile tool for cutting wooden materials. With the right settings and safety precautions, you can make precise, clean cuts.

Technical details

Price-performance winner
Table saw Scheppach HS 100 S special edition - circular saw
Model Table saw Scheppach HS 100 S special edition - circular saw
Brand Scheppach
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,8good
electronic feedback
Dimensions(B) 94 x 64.2 x 83 cm
input 2.000 watts,
low volume kA
table extension
low weight 22 kg.
cutting capacity 65 mm
Miter cuts Saw blade inclination max. 45 °
with base
Smooth start
Idle speed 5.000 rpm?¹
  • without the work table wobbling or the workpiece slipping
  • Easy to handle
  • large workpieces can be processed safely
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