Black currant juice Rabenhorst Currant ORGANIC (0.75 L)

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Rabenhorst's black currant juice is made from organically grown currants. The juice has an intense, fruity taste and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a natural source of energy and can support the body detoxification support. The juice is suitable as a healthy alternative to soft drinks and can also be used for cooking and Baking should be used.

Instructions for using black currant juice Rabenhorst currant organic (0.75 L)

  • Pour a small amount of the juice into a glass in the morning
  • Dilute the juice with still or sparkling water as desired
  • Drink slowly and enjoy

Areas of application for blackcurrant juice

Vitamin kick to start the day

The juice is particularly rich in vitamin C and supports the immune system. Drink a glass every morning to start the day strengthened.

Mixed drink for special occasions

The juice is ideal for mixing cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks. Give your drinks a fruity note and surprise your guests.

Invigorating refreshing drink after exercise

Blackcurrant juice provides you with important nutrients after training and ensures rapid regeneration of your body.

Refinement of desserts and pastries

Drizzle some blackcurrant juice over ice cream, pudding or cake to add a fruity touch to your sweet treats.

Technical details

Black currant juice Rabenhorst Currant ORGANIC (0.75 L)
Model Black currant juice Rabenhorst Currant ORGANIC (0.75 L)
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1good
available in other quantities 1 x 0,75 liter glass bottle 1 x 0,7 liter glass bottle 1 x 0,33 liter glass bottle
ContentPrice per litre 750 ml €11,91 per litre
fruit source juice
without color | preservatives Yes | Yes
Fruit content 100%
no added sugarSugar content per 100 ml
calorie content approx. 30 calories
Packaging glass bottle (no deposit required)
  • 100 % fruit
  • German red currants
  • from organic currants
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