Freezer Siemens GS58NDWDP iQ500 freestanding, 366 l

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The Siemens GS58NDWDP iQ500 Freestanding is a spacious freezer with a capacity of 366 liters and energy efficiency class A++. With the no-frost technology, the device remains frost-free and thus saves time and energy.

Operating instructions for the Siemens freezer GS58NDWDP iQ500


The Siemens GS58NDWDP iQ500 is a freestanding freezer with a capacity of 366 liters.


To use the freezer properly, please follow the steps below:

  1. Place the freezer in a suitable location, far enough away from heat sources such as radiators or direct sunlight.
  2. The device must always be horizontal during operation. Be careful not to tip it over.
  3. Connect the freezer to the power supply and set the desired temperature. Please note the recommended settings to ensure optimal freezing performance.
  4. Open the door carefully and place the food in the various baskets and compartments. Be careful not to overload the individual freezer areas to ensure good air circulation.
  5. Keep the door open for as short a time as possible to avoid a rise in temperature inside the freezer.
  6. If necessary, you can adjust the temperature depending on the type of food stored. Please note the instructions on the packaging or the recommendations in the operating instructions.
  7. Regular defrosting of the freezer is not necessary as it has an automatic defrost function. If ice does form inside, you can turn off the freezer, remove the food and carefully remove the ice. Then put the freezer back into operation.
  8. To clean the freezer, turn it off, remove the food and clean the interior with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Wipe surfaces dry before operating the freezer again.
  9. Regularly check the condition of the seals on the door and clean them if necessary. This keeps the insulation intact and the freezer maintains optimal performance.
  10. If you are away for a long time, turn off the freezer, remove all food, clean it thoroughly and leave the door open to avoid possible odors.
  11. Contact customer service if you have any technical questions, problems or concerns.

Technical details

Freezer Siemens GS58NDWDP iQ500 freestanding, 366 l
Model Freezer Siemens GS58NDWDP iQ500 freestanding, 366 l
Brand Siemens
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4good
Electricity consumption per yearCosts per year 222 kWh63,71 €
Net capacity 366 l
No Frost system
temperature alarm
Rapid freezing
Optical warning display
Dimensions (H 191 x 78 x 70 cm
Number of subjects 8
  • additional storage space
  • oversized drawer
  • with multi-flow cooling system
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