Panty liners Tanga ImseVimse, washable, Tanga Black 3er

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ImseVimse washable panty liners are ideal for all women who want to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. The panty liners fit perfectly in thongs and offer optimal protection against leakage and odor. The design in black is modern and discreet. The panty liners are washable and reusable. ImseVimse relies on natural materials and does not use harmful chemicals.

Product instructions for using panty liners Tanga ImseVimse

– Step 1: Remove the panty liner from the packaging and unfold it.- Step 2: Place the panty liner in your thong. Make sure it is positioned correctly and fits comfortably with your underwear.- Step 3: Wear the thong with the panty liner as usual.- Step 4: After wearing, carefully remove the panty liner from the thong.- Step 5: If the If the panty liner has been used, rinse it thoroughly first to remove any possible stains.- Step 6: Wash the panty liner in the washing machine at a suitable temperature (please follow the care instructions on the label).- Step 7: Leave the panty liner to air Dry or use a tumble dryer on low setting.- Step 8: After the panty liner is completely dry, fold it up and store it in a clean place, ready for next use.

Technical details

Panty liners Tanga ImseVimse, washable, Tanga Black 3er
Model Panty liners Tanga ImseVimse, washable, Tanga Black 3er
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8good
absorbency very good absorbency
Quantity Price per insert 3 pads €7,97 per panty liner
Length in cm 19 cm
Suitable for mild bladder weakness
Suitable for Tanga
Fitting particularly narrow
Material Cotton
Machine washable
  • very absorbent
  • particularly long
  • reusable
  • fragrance free
  • even with light incontinence
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