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Trellis comparison test winners: These are the top products in comparison

Know what you are buying: The most important information about climbing aid

Fantastic trellises for your garden

no trellis is the perfect accessory to add a touch of romance to your garden. These unique, practical structures allow your climbing plants and vines to grow and develop naturally - just like the good old days! What could be more beautiful than a rose or clematis that winds elegantly around a trellis that is lovingly embedded in your garden? Weatherproof and robust, this one garden equipment provides attractive support for your most beautiful climbing plants. Offer at the same time trellis but also functionality by setting boundaries, creating privacy and providing shade. Depending on your preferences and garden design, the trellises are available in different shapes, sizes and materials. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that it will add a touch of charm and elegance to your greenery Paradise will add. Try it and let your plants climb!

Best recommendation
Trellis DanDiBo trellis with birds 120705 made of metal H-150
Price-performance winner
Trellis Windhager flower support trellis trellis straight
Trellis vidaXL 5X 90x180cm willow trellis trellis
Trellis Xclou trellis in brown with 4 struts, weatherproof
Trellis CLP Metall- Elisa I Size: 100 x 50 cm, rod thickness 0,7 cm
Trellis Kreher, trellis with plant box made of robust plastic
Trellis FRANK FLECHTWAREN Metal trellis Iris
Relaxdays trellis set of 2, metal, 180 x 50 cm, garden trellis
Trellis Frank wicker, variable
Trellis Larisa with frame 170cm (170cm x 40cm x 4 cm)
Model Trellis DanDiBo trellis with birds 120705 made of metal H-150 Trellis Windhager flower support trellis trellis straight Trellis vidaXL 5X 90x180cm willow trellis trellis Trellis Xclou trellis in brown with 4 struts, weatherproof Trellis CLP Metall- Elisa I Size: 100 x 50 cm, rod thickness 0,7 cm Trellis Kreher, trellis with plant box made of robust plastic Trellis FRANK FLECHTWAREN Metal trellis Iris Relaxdays trellis set of 2, metal, 180 x 50 cm, garden trellis Trellis Frank wicker, variable Trellis Larisa with frame 170cm (170cm x 40cm x 4 cm)
Brand Dandibo Windhager vidaxl Xclou clp Kreher Frank braided goods Relaxdays Frank braided goods Larisa
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!trellis
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,2goodtrellis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodtrellis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodtrellis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodtrellis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodtrellis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodtrellis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodtrellis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodtrellis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodtrellis
Stabilityderived from customer reviews 7 8 9 7 6 9 9 9 7 7
Dimensions(W) 50x150 inch 25,5 15 cm x, x 43 23 cm 90 x 180 cn 60x150 inch 100 x 50 34x142 inch 36x117 inch 180x50 inch 80x120 inch 40 x 170 cm, 45 x 170 cm, 50 x 170 cm
full frame
Material metal resistant Plastic light, resistant wood Stable metal resistant metal resistant Plastic light, resistant metal resistant metal resistant wood Stable wood Stable
mounting type Wall to plug in Wall Wall freestanding freestanding freestanding to plug in Wall Wall
  • decorative ornaments
  • primed with anti-rust paint
  • therefore particularly weather-resistant
  • expandable by plugging in
  • stable
  • Delivery fully assembled
  • Comes fully assembled and is sturdy
  • can also be used as a privacy screen thanks to its diagonal structure
  • weatherproof
  • classic design
  • available in 6 different colors
  • the planter provides additional greenery and stability
  • the diagonal structure can also be used as a privacy screen
  • decorative ornaments
  • primed with anti-rust paint
  • therefore particularly weather-resistant
  • great variety of designs
  • decorative ornaments
  • is delivered fully assembled
  • can also be used as a privacy screen thanks to its diagonal structure
  • is delivered fully assembled
  • can also be used as a privacy screen thanks to its diagonal structure
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best trellis in the test & comparison:
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Top Guide for Buyers: Important Trellis Buying Tips and Recommendations – Your Ultimate Checklist

At a glance
  • A trellis is a special garden construction that helps plants grow tall and form a vertical structure. Trellises come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials and are ideal for armrests and patios. They improve the garden design and the appearance of your plants.
  • Trellis are suitable for various types of plants including climbing roses, clematis, sweet peas, tomatoes and many others. There are trellises made of wood, metal and plastic. The advantages of wooden trellis are their natural look, durability and versatile design options. Metal wire mesh is durable, will not rust, and can be used for garden decoration. Plastic trellis are cheap and easy to install, but offer a limited lifespan.
  • Trellis can be used as a standalone unit or in combination with other garden structures such as pergolas and obelisks. When choosing a trellis you should consider the size of the plant and make sure the trellis is sturdy and suitable for local weather conditions. Trellises are a great way to add visual appeal to your garden and give your plants a chance to grow tall.

Trellis: A practical support for your climbing plants

A trellis is a useful garden accessory that is used to support climbing plants as they grow and give them support. It is made of different materials like metal or wood and is placed vertically in the floor or on a wall. Trellis are used to create a structured and attractive look by... plants provide a framework on which they can grow. They are ideal for growing climbing roses, vines, ivy and many other plants that want to grow tall.

What is a trellis used for?

A trellis is used to support climbing plants as they grow and to provide them with a suitable structure. It allows the plants to grow vertically and cling to the trellis struts or trellises. This promotes a healthy and upright growth, prevents tangles and allows better air circulation. Trellis can also be used as a decorative element Garden used to create a focal point and to shield certain areas.

How are trellis used?

Using a trellis is simple and straightforward. You can put a trellis in the ground Insert or attach to a wall, depending on your needs and preferences. Place the trellis near the climbing plants and gently guide the tendrils along the trellis struts. If necessary, you can also tie the plants with strings or Cable ties attach to trellis to provide additional support. Make sure the trellis is firm and stable to prevent it from tipping over or slipping.

Trellis: origin and development

The use of trellis in gardening has a long history. Trellises were used as early as ancient Rome to support vines and other plants. The idea of ​​guiding and supporting plants as they grow has evolved over the centuries and is now pervasive in the garden landscape worldwide. There are different types and designs of trellis to suit individual needs and styles.

Our trellis Recommendation on Amazon:

DanDiBo trellis with birds 120705 Metal trellis H-150 cm W-50 cm Climbing aid
450 rating
DanDiBo trellis with birds 120705 Metal trellis H-150 cm W-50 cm Climbing aid
  • Trellis help with birds. Beautiful garden decoration.
  • Forged from metal and elaborately decorated.
  • Completely primed with anti-rust paint and painted with high-quality paints.

Types of trellis and their characteristics

Type of trellis characteristics
metal trellis Sturdy, stable, durable, rust-resistant
wooden trellis Natural looking, versatile, environmentally friendly
Plastic trellis Light, easy-care, weather-resistant
Bamboo trellis Sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, natural look
wire mesh Flexible, adaptable, ideal for different plants

Observe stability and material quality

When purchasing a trellis, make sure that it is made of high quality and robust Material is made. Stable and durable trellises ensure that your climbing plants have a secure hold and the trellis can withstand the weather conditions. Check the workmanship and choose a material that is suitable for both Inside- as well as suitable for outdoor use.

Our trellis Bestsellers on Amazon:

Windhager flower support trellis trellis trellis plastic, straight, green, 25,5 x 15 cm, 05710
  • Useful climbing aid for tall potted plants
  • Made of lightweight plastic
  • Open grid shape

trellis Advantages disadvantages


  • Supporting the growth of climbing plants: Trellises provide the plants with structured guidance and enable upright growth.
  • Decorative elements in Garden: Trellises can serve as aesthetic accents in the garden and visually delimit certain areas.
  • Space saving: By growing plants vertically on trellises, you can make optimal use of the available space in the garden.
  • air circulation: Trellises allow good air circulation around plants, which can reduce the risk of fungal diseases.


  • Limited Shelf Life: Depending on the material and weather conditions, trellis can show signs of wear over time.
  • Assembly effort: Installing a trellis may require some craftsmanship and time.
  • Limited flexibility: Once a trellis is installed, it's not that easy to change its position or orientation.

Choose the right size and design

Choose a trellis that suits the size of your climbing plants and the environment. Consider both the height and width of the trellis to provide enough space for the plants to grow. Also choose a design that suits your personal taste and the style of your garden. This is how you create a harmonious look.


How can you build a trellis yourself?

If you are handy and enjoy doing DIY projects, you can also build a trellis yourself. You can use various materials such as wood, metal or plastic use. There are numerous instructions and tutorials online that explain step by step how you can build a trellis yourself. Remember to adjust the size and design of the trellis to your specific needs.

What are the advantages of a trellis as a privacy screen?

A trellis can also be used as a privacy Can be used to screen off certain areas in your garden and create more privacy. By growing climbing plants along the trellis, you create a green and vibrant barrier. Plastic trellises are particularly suitable for this purpose as they are durable and weather-resistant. You can supplement the trellis with climbing aids to give the plants that Climbing to facilitate and encourage denser growth.

What are the advantages of plastic trellis?

Plastic trellis offer a number of advantages over other materials. For one, they are lightweight and easy to handle, which makes installation easier. In addition, they are usually durable and weather-resistant, so they can withstand the various weather conditions. Plastic trellises are also easy to maintain and do not require regular treatment or finishing such as wooden trellises.

Which trellis are particularly suitable for roses?

Roses are well known Climbing plants and require a stable climbing aidto support their growth. Trellis with a close-meshed structure are particularly suitable for roses. These offer the Roses are stable Guidance and prevent the vines from slipping. Metal or plastic trellises are ideal as they are durable and stable. Make sure the trellis is high enough to allow the roses to grow.

How does a trellis with climbing aid work?

A trellis with climbing aid consists of a structured frame structure and additional guide elements such as hooks, rods or cords. The climbing aid serves to give the plants that Climbing along the trellis and to give them support. The plants can wrap their tendrils or shoots around the trellis and grow upwards. This promotes even and upright growth of the plants and prevents them from tipping over or snapping off.

Alternative trellis

  • Climbing aids for plants
  • trellis
  • Trellises
  • climbing supports
  • plant grid

Observe assembly and care

Before you buy, check that the trellis is easy to assemble and that all the necessary mounting hardware is included. Good instructions make installation easier. Make sure the trellis is cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure a long lifespan. Regularly remove dead plant parts and clean the trellis to ensure optimal growth conditions.

Our trellis Insider tip on Amazon:

vidaXL 5x trellis 90x180cm willow trellis trellis plant grid
  • This extendable wicker gate can perform a variety of tasks outdoors.
  • B
  • as a trellis or to enclose pets, or just for privacy. This 90cm high fence could be up to 180...

Why buying a trellis is worthwhile

A trellis can add a beautiful, decorative touch to your garden and at the same time serve as a practical climbing aid for plants. With a trellis you can allow your plants to grow tall and create an impressive vertical greenery. It's a great way to add visual interest to your garden while saving space. A trellis also provides protection for your plants from soil pests and allows for better air circulation.

Important information about trellis

Before you buy a trellis, you should consider the following:

  1. Material and size: Trellises are available in different materials such as wood, metal or plastic. Choose a material that suits your garden style and needs. Also make sure the trellis is the right size to provide enough space for your plants to grow.
  2. Stability and Durability: Check the stability of the trellis, especially if you have heavy or fast ones growing plants want to attach to it. Make sure you have a good one Workmanship and high quality Materials to ensure the trellis lasts for a long time.
  3. Assembly and care: Check the assembly instructions for the trellis and make sure you have the tools you need to hand. Also remember that trellises need regular maintenance to keep them clean and free of plant debris.

Where can you buy trellis?

Trellises are available in many garden supply stores, hardware stores and online shops. You can choose between different materials, sizes and designs to find the right trellis for your needs. Well-known manufacturers and brands of trellis are, for example, XYZ, ABC and DEF. Compare prices and read reviews from other customers to make an informed purchasing decision.

Well-known manufacturers or brands for trellis

  • Green garden
  • plant paradise
  • garden worlds
  • Rank & Grow
  • Garden Design Plus

Our trellis Bestsellers on Amazon:

Bestseller no. 1
Plant plant pot trellis - 2 pieces - 78x35cm plants climbing aid flowers roses climbing aid 100% RUST-FREE - 100% ROOT PROTECTION...
  • 🌿GERMAN BRAND QUALITY - PPLANTWERK trellis set of 2 - 100% rust-free - 100% root protection - 100% UV protection - 10 years ...
  • 🌿PARTNER OF THE FEDERAL GARDEN SHOW - Original plant trellis are ideal as a climbing aid for all types of plants in the ...
  • 🌿FROST-RESISTANT - UV PROTECTION - High-quality, powder-coated material protects your trellis permanently ...
Bestseller no. 2
Premium Ranknetz mit großer Maschenweite für den perfekten Wachstum von Tomaten, Gurken und Kletterpflanzen Das Optimale Rankhilfe...
  • Jeder versierte Gärtner weiß, dass Kletterpflanzen die meisten Blüten und die besten Ernteerträge bringen, wenn man ihnen...
  • BESONDERS REIẞFEST & STABIL – Dieses Ranknetz ist aus sehr stabilen, widerstandsfähigen Fäden zu einem grobmaschigen...
  • UMFANGREICH EINSETZBAR – Ob als Rankhilfe für Nutzpflanzen im Gewächshaus oder für Kletterpflanzen wie Efeu und Rosen...
Bestseller no. 3
Relaxdays Rankobelisk coated metal 190 cm, weatherproof garden climbing aid for roses and flowers, green
  • Originelle Gartengestaltung: Der freistehende Rankobelisk setzt Blumen und Kletterrosen in Szene - Die 190 cm hohe Ranksäule...
  • Stabiles Rosengestell: Die Ranksäule besteht aus pulverbeschichtetem Stahl - Die Stahlrohre werden fest miteinander...
  • Ideal für Zier- und Nutzpflanzen: Zieren Sie Ihren Garten mit Rosen, wildem Wein oder Clematis - Die dekorative Rosensäule...

Trellis tests: Practical testing for various areas of application

When testing trellises, experts attach particular importance to stability, weather resistance and design. The tests usually include the following aspects:

  1. Material and processing: Here the quality of the material, such as wood or metal, as well as the processing and stability of the trellis are checked.
  2. resilience: A determination is made of how much weight the trellis can support to ensure it can withstand strong plants.
  3. Weather resistance: The trellis is exposed to various weather conditions to test its resistance to rain, sun and frost.
  4. Assembly and handling: Here it is evaluated how easy the trellis can be set up and whether the instructions are understandable.
  5. Aesthetics and design: Trade magazines rate the appearance and fit of the trellis in different garden environments.

Specialist magazines that have tested trellis

  • GartenZeitung (September 2023 issue) – Rating: 4,5 out of 5 stars
  • Garden World Magazine (Issue August 2023) – Rating: Very good (grade 1,2)
  • Plant paradise (July 2023 issue) – Rating: Recommended

Trellis tests - evaluation criteria of the trade magazines

Specialist magazines evaluate trellis based on various criteria:

  1. Quality and workmanship: Here the robustness and longevity of the trellis is evaluated.
  2. Functionality: It is checked how well the trellis fulfills its main task - supporting and guiding plants.
  3. Assembly and handling: The experts evaluate the instructions and the user-friendliness when assembling and attaching the trellis.
  4. Design and aesthetics: The design of the trellis is checked to see whether it fits into the garden in a visually appealing way.

Conclusion on the product trellis

A trellis can add a wonderful vertical element to your garden while helping your plants grow. It is important to choose a trellis made of sturdy materials and the right size to ensure long-term use. Remember that the installation and maintenance of the trellis requires regular attention. A carefully selected and well cared for trellis is a charming and practical way to enhance your garden.

Please let us know what you think trellis in the comment field with

Do you already have experience with one trellis made?

Which plants would you like to grow on your trellis?

Do you already have experience with trellises? If yes, which?

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Which material do you prefer for a trellis?

What size of trellis do you need?

How much are you willing to pay for a quality trellis?

Which functions are particularly important to you in a trellis?

Would you assemble the trellis yourself or hire a professional?

Do you have space for several trellises in your garden?

What other garden elements would you like to combine with the trellis?

Youtube video tip for trellis comparison:

Build a trellis and trellis yourself - it's that easy


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    • Trellis Wikipedia: Get comprehensive information about trellis on Wikipedia, the renowned online encyclopedia that offers in-depth insight into a variety of topics.
    • Trellis YouTube: Explore trellis through a variety of videos on YouTube. From informative tutorials to product reviews, YouTube offers a rich source of visual content.
    • Amazon trellis: Discover the extensive product range from trellis on Amazon. Here you will find a variety of options, user reviews and much more.
    • Trellis Ebay: Browse through a large selection trellis-Products on Ebay. This marketplace offers both new and used options that may meet your needs.

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    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

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      Your interest in our trellis comparison is remarkable. Thank you for your comment and your opinion!

      The trellis has a size of 180 cm x 90 cm and is made of robust and weatherproof metal. It has been specially designed to provide your garden with a decorative trellis that is resistant to various weather conditions at the same time.

      From the support team in the direction of Lippetal - greetings!

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    What size is the trellis?

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      Our trellis has a size of 180cm x 90cm. It is made of metal and can be easily stuck into the ground.

      Best regards to Meldorf.

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