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Top Rossignol skis in comparison: Find out which is best for you

Buying recommendation for 2023: Discover your ideal Rossignol slats with our expert guide

Rossignol Skis - Experience the ultimate skiing experience with Rossignol Skis. The brand has long been known for its high quality and performance on the slopes. Rossignol skis offer perfect grip and control on the slopes and are available for different levels of difficulty. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, with Rossignol skis you can master every descent. The skis are also very durable and resistant, so they will accompany you on the slopes for years. With Rossignol skis you not only get around in style on the slopes, but also experience an unforgettable skiing experience!
Best recommendation
Rossignol Rossignol X-IUM Classic Premium C2 IFP 19/20 skis
Price-performance winner
Rossignol skis Rossignol BC 80 20/21
Rossignol skis Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender Freerideski 178
Rossignol Rossignol Nova 10 Ti Xpress W 11 Gw B83 Woman Skis
Rossignol skis Rossignol React R8 HP/NX12 K.GW BK/Yell green 170
Model Rossignol Rossignol X-IUM Classic Premium C2 IFP 19/20 skis Rossignol skis Rossignol BC 80 20/21 Rossignol skis Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender Freerideski 178 Rossignol Rossignol Nova 10 Ti Xpress W 11 Gw B83 Woman Skis Rossignol skis Rossignol React R8 HP/NX12 K.GW BK/Yell green 170
Brand Rossignol Rossignol Rossignol Rossignol Rossignol
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Rossignol skis
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9goodRossignol skis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodRossignol skis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodRossignol skis
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodRossignol skis
age group sex adult unisex adult unisex adult unisex adult ladies adult ladies
Ski type use Cross-country skiing fast descents Cross-country skiingnot groomed trails Freeride off-piste skiing On-trail ski slope On-trail ski slope
driving level Experts Experts Advanced Advanced
width of the ski tip no manufacturer's information 80 mm 138 mm 123 mm 127 mm
Gesamtlänge 198 cm 176 cm 178 cm 167 cm 170 cm
width of the middle part no manufacturer's information 60 mm 106 mm 74 mm 74 mm
Small swing radius no manufacturer's information no manufacturer's information 21m 14m 14m
width of the tail no manufacturer's information 70 mm 128 mm 109 mm 110 mm
rocker ski No, not rocker skis Yes tip rocker Yes tip & tail rocker Yes, on-trail rockers Yes, on-trail rockers
Sidewall construction
LCT construction
air tip
Available variants save save 186 cm 160 cm Black-Red Black-Red (177 cm)
Flex tip
Boost Flex Profile
material of the core Nomex Wood Poplar wood Poplar wood Poplar wood
Color Black red Black Black-Brown Black Black yellow
reinforcement save save Titanal Titanal Carbon alloy
Including binding
  • Cross-country skis for particularly fast descents
  • very light ski
  • LCT construction
  • sidewall construction
  • Fits ladies and gentlemen
  • narrow waistband for tight curves
  • low weight
  • air spike
  • continuous steel edge for grip on the slopes
  • LCT structure
  • which offers another variant
  • Boost flex silhouette
  • narrow waist for tight curves
  • LCT construction
  • other variants available
  • Narrow side cut for tight curves
  • LCT structure
  • sidewall structure
  • flexible tip
  • other variants available
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best Rossignol skis in the test & comparison:
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Recommendations for buying Rossignol skis in 2024: Ultimate guide and current trends
This is how you make the right product choice based on the Rossignol ski comparison mentioned above.

At a glance
  • Rossignol skis are one of the most well-known ski brands in the world and offer a wide range of high-quality ski models. The skis are known for their excellent quality, first-class performance and excellent handling. Each model is designed for different skill levels, skier types and preferences and offers a perfect combination of durability, performance and design.
  • The Rossignol ski range includes alpine, freestyle, touring, cross-country and racing skis. Each model is designed with the latest technologies and advanced material to meet the highest demands. The skis are suitable for all types of terrain and skier behavior, from beginners to experts.
  • Rossignol skis are a perfect choice for all skiers looking for performance, comfort and style. The skis are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to suit every taste. With Rossignol skis you will experience a first-class skiing experience and you can be sure that you will feel safe and comfortable on the slopes in every situation.

Rossignol skis – perfect fun on the slopes!

Rossignol skis offers perfect driving fun on the Track. With their high quality and their special design They are ideal for ultimate comfort on the slopes. For Beginners and Experienced, Rossignol skis offers models for every driving style and driving level. Discover the range Rossignol skisSki equipment and accessories for an impressive skiing experience.


  • Rossignol skis offer high quality Alpine skiing for skiers at every level.
  • The skis of Rossignol are specially designed to provide optimal driving comfort on the Track to offer.
  • Rossignol skis have models for different skiing styles such as Carving SkiFreeride skis and Cross-country skiing.
  • In addition to skis, Rossignol also offers skiwear and accessories to complete your skiing experience.
  • Discover the versatility of Rossignol skis and experience ultimate skiing fun Track.

Rossignol skis – versatile alpine skis for every skiing style

Rossignol skis offer a variety Alpine skiing-Models for different driving styles. Whether you like to make quick turns on the slopes, go off-road or go ski touring - Rossignol has the right skis. Discover theirs Carving Ski for precise Drive curves, your Freeride skis for adventurous descents and their Cross-country skiing for long tours. No matter what skiing style you prefer, Rossignol has the right ski for you.

With the Rossignol Carving skis Experience ultimate curve fun on the slopes. These skis are specially designed to enable precise and dynamic turns. Thanks to their special waist, they offer optimal control and stability in sharp curves. No matter whether you are a beginner or already advanced Drive curves master, the Rossignol carving skis let you master the slopes with ease.

If, on the other hand, you love adventurous off-road descents, the Rossignol Freeride skis the right choice for you. With their wide ski profile, they offer the best performance deep snow and on uneven terrain. They ensure a safe driving experience and enable impressive jumps and tricks. No matter whether you love powder rides or are looking for new challenges, with the Rossignol freeride skis you are well equipped.

Rossignol also offers a selection for everyone who likes to go on long tours and discover new landscapes Cross-country skiing. With their special bonds and that slim design they enable efficient gliding on the trail. Get one Rossignol cross-country skis and enjoy Fitness and fun in nature.

Rossignol skis: High-quality ski clothing for perfect comfort

Rossignol Ski not only offers first-class skis, but also an extensive selection of high-quality skis skiwear and additional equipment. From ski goggles and ski helmets to ski boots and ski poles, we have everything you need for an impressive skiing experience.

Our skiwear is characterized by functionality, Comfort and stylish design. It offers optimal Protection from cold, snow and wind while allowing you unrestricted freedom of movement. With our ski goggles you always have clarity view in any weather and protect yours Eyes from harmful UV radiation and blinding sunlight.

Our ski helmets not only offer optimal Head protection, but also a comfortable one Fitting and good ventilation systems. They are shock-absorbing and fit perfectly on your Head adjust. With our ski boots and ski poles you have the best equipment for a safe and comfortable ride on the slopes.

Rossignol skis: Perfect protection with a stylish design

Our ski clothing is not only characterized by its functionality and its Comfort but also through their stylish design. With our ski clothing you can make a fashion statement on the slopes and always look good. No matter whether you are interested in our ski helmets, Skischuhe or poles decide, you will be optimally equipped with our high-quality ski clothing.

“With our ski clothing we don’t just offer you the best Protection, but also a fashionable look on the slopes.”

Rossignol skis: Perfect addition to your skiing experience

Our ski clothing and accessories are the perfect complement to our high-quality ski models. They don't just offer you the best Protection, but also optimal Comfort and functionality. With our ski clothing and accessories you are well prepared for any weather and any type of slope.

  • Ski goggles for clear view in any weather
  • Ski helmets for optimal Head protection
  • Skischuhe for the best comfort and secure hold
  • poles for better balance and stability

Discover our extensive range of ski clothing and accessories and get ready for an impressive skiing experience with Rossignol skis.

Rossignol skis for beginners: Perfect for learning to ski

If you are new to skiing or want to improve your skills on the slopes, the Rossignol skis are for Beginner the ideal choice. These models are specifically designed to provide beginners with an easier and more stable riding experience. With their user-friendly handling and stable ride, they allow you to learn basic skiing techniques and build confidence.

Another practical option is the ski rental. You can use the Rossignol skis for this Beginner Try before you buy and be sure you are making the right choice. The ski rental also offers the possibility Ski equipment to rent for a limited period of time, which can be particularly attractive for occasional skiers or vacationers.

To ensure the best possible performance and longevity from your skis, it is important to clean them regularly Ski wax to apply. The Ski wax reduces friction between the skis and the snow, resulting in better gliding and more control. By regularly applying Ski wax you can get the most out of your Rossignol skis for Beginner get out and optimize your driving experience.

Women's Rossignol ski set – performance and style in one

Rossignol Ski also offers special ski sets for women. With our women's Rossignol ski sets you get the perfect combination of performance and style for your skiing experience. Each Ski set consists of carefully coordinated skis, ski boots and a ski bagto ensure you have everything you need for a successful day on the slopes.

Our women's Rossignol skis offer first-class performance and are specifically tailored to the needs of women. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skier, our ski sets will help you improve your ski skills while looking stylish. Choose different models and styles to suit your individual riding style and preferences.

The Skischuhe in our ski sets are comfortable and provide a snug fit to ensure your comfort while skiing. The ski bag allows you to transport your equipment safely and comfortably. With a Women's Rossignol ski set are you ready for unforgettable Adventures on the slopes – maximum performance and style in one package.

Rossignol Freeride Ski 2021 – off-road adventures

With the Rossignol Freeride Skis 2021 experience unforgettable Adventures away from the groomed slopes. These skis are specifically designed for skiing deep snow and developed on uneven terrain. Thanks to their wide ski profile, they offer you the best performance and stability while you explore the untouched nature. Whether you love powder rides or are looking for new challenges, with the Rossignol Freeride Skis 2021 you are well equipped to push your limits and enjoy the freedom of off-piste skiing.

The Rossignol Freeride Skis 2021 offer you a safe driving experience and enable you to perform impressive descents on various types of terrain. Their wide profile provides buoyancy deep snow and their stable construction ensures precise control even on uneven surfaces. Whether steep slopes, narrow couloirs or wide off-piste areas - with the Rossignol Freeride Skis 2021 you will be able to overcome any off-road challenge and feel the adrenaline of freeride skiing.

The most important features of the Rossignol Freeride Skis 2021:

  • Wide ski profile for best performance in deep snow
  • Stable construction for safe driving on uneven terrain
  • Optimal maneuverability for precise turns in steep and narrow passages
  • High quality materials and workmanship for long durability
  • Versatile for different types of terrain and snow conditions

With the Rossignol Freeride Skis 2021 you are ready for big ones Adventures in terrain. Immerse yourself in untouched nature, feel the freedom of skiing off the slopes and experience unforgettable moments in the deep snow. Whether you are an experienced freerider or are venturing off-piste for the first time, with the Rossignol Freeride Skis 2021 you have the ideal equipment to take your skiing skills to a new level and take on new challenges. Discover the possibilities and enjoy the ultimate freeride experience with Rossignol skis.

Rossignol alpine ski all-round – versatile skiing fun on the slopes

The Rossignol alpine skis all-round Models offer versatile driving fun on the slopes. These skis are optimal for all conditions and are suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers. With their combination of stability and maneuverability, they offer a playful riding experience and enable precise turns on all types of slopes.

The Rossignol alpine skis all-round are particularly popular with skiers due to their versatile properties. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps on the slopes, or you are already experienced and looking for an all-round ski for different conditions - Rossignol has the right ski for you.

With the Rossignol alpine skis all-round you are well equipped for your next adventure on the slopes. No matter which Ski Area You visit, these skis offer you the performance and fun you want. Discover the versatile Alpine skiing from Rossignol and experience unforgettable skiing moments.

Rossignol cross-country ski set for beginners – fitness and fun

For anyone who would like to get into cross-country skiing, Rossignol offers special cross-country skis Sets for beginners at. These sets contain everything you need for a successful introduction to this sporty type of skiing. With a Rossignol cross-country ski set you can do more than just your Fitness improve, but also the beauty of nature on the trail .

“With our cross-country ski sets for beginners, we want to encourage people to try cross-country skiing and discover the benefits of this activity,” says our expert at Rossignol.

The cross-country skis in the sets are specially designed for beginners and offer a good balance between stability and maneuverability. The ski boots ensure a secure hold and optimal power transmission. The sticks included in the set enable efficient movement on the trail.

If you are a Rossignol cross-country ski set for beginners If you buy one, you will not only receive high-quality equipment, but also an invitation to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cross-country skiing. No matter whether you are traveling alone or with friends, with a Rossignol cross-country ski Set are Fitness and fun guaranteed!

Rossignol ski touring skis with bindings – discover untouched nature

If you like to go off-piste and discover untouched nature, these are the Rossignol ski touring skis with bindings the right choice for you. These skis offer the best performance both uphill as well as downhill. With their special Bond They enable efficient ascents and at the same time offer safe descents on various types of terrain. The Rossignol Ski touring skis are specially developed for ski touring and offer the perfect combination of lightness, stability and maneuverability.

Efficient climbing

With the Rossignol Ski touring skis and their special Bond you can effortlessly uphill go. They offer optimal grip on steep and icy slopes and enable efficient ascent. The Bond is designed to allow you to easily put on and take off the skis while moving on rough terrain. This way you can save your energy and concentrate fully on exploring the untouched nature.

Safe departures

Thanks to their stable construction and their optimal performance, the Rossignol Ski touring skis safe descents in different types of terrain. Whether you want to ski through deep snow or ski down steep slopes, these skis will give you the confidence and control you need. The special binding ensures a secure hold and direct power transmission so that you can enjoy your descents to the fullest.

Discover the untouched nature

With the Rossignol ski touring skis you can explore new paths away from the pistes and discover untouched nature. Whether you prefer to travel alone or with a guide Skitour want to do, these skis offer you the opportunity to explore new places and have unique experiences. Immerse yourself in the silence of nature and enjoy the freedom and sense of adventure that ski touring offers.

Rossignol Carving Skis Men – Precise cornering

The Rossignol Carving Skis for men are specifically designed to be precise Drive curves on the slopes. With their unique waist and stable construction, they offer optimal performance in sharp curves. Regardless of whether you prefer fast turns or elegant carving, with the Rossignol carving skis you will experience skiing fun at the highest level.

The Rossignol carving skis for Men offer a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. The wide turning potential allows you to master the slopes with ease and make precise turns. Whether you are an experienced skier or just starting out, the Rossignol Carving Skis will give you outstanding performance on the slopes.

Features of the Rossignol carving skis for men:

  • Special sidecut for precise cornering
  • Stable construction for optimal performance
  • Perfect balance between stability and maneuverability
  • Wide cornering potential for easy control of the slopes

“With the Rossignol carving skis for men, you can experience skiing fun at the highest level and make precise turns on the slopes. The special waist and stable construction ensure optimal performance and a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. No matter whether you prefer fast turns or elegant carving, the Rossignol carving skis have you covered.”

Discover the Rossignol carving skis for men and experience precise cornering and maximum fun on the slopes. With their special design and outstanding performance, they are the perfect choice for all skiers who want to get the best out of themselves. Make precise turns and enjoy the thrill of carving with the Rossignol carving skis for men.

Bestseller Rossignol skis – an overview of popular models

At Rossignol Skis we have a wide selection of best-sellers that are popular with skiers of all skill levels. Our skis offer an optimal combination of quality, performance and style. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, you will find the right ski for your needs in our range.

Our Bestsellers-Rossignol skis are versatile and are ideal for this Skiing on the slope. They offer optimal stability and maneuverability, allowing you to make precise turns on all types of slopes. Our skis are suitable for both fast descents and relaxed cruising.

  • A good choice for skiers at every level
  • Versatile and suitable for different slope conditions
  • Popular with skiers due to their quality and performance
  • Offer optimal stability and maneuverability for precise turns
  • Ergonomic design for high driving comfort

Discover our Bestsellers-Rossignol skis and let yourself be amazed by the current ones Trends to inspire. Whether you are an experienced skier or just starting out, with us you will find the perfect ski for unforgettable skiing experiences. Enjoy the fun of riding with Rossignol skis!

Buy used Rossignol skis – cheap alternatives

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to buying Rossignol skis, you should look for used models. Many ski rentals and ski shops offer used Rossignol skis for sale. These skis are often well maintained and offer an affordable way to get into skiing or upgrade your equipment. Used Rossignol skis can be a good option if you don't have the full price budget for new skis or just want to try out different models.

Before you buy used Rossignol skis, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Check the condition of the skis, including the edges, bindings and base. It's also important to consider the length and handling of the skis and ensure they suit your skiing style and abilities. Ask the seller about the length of use and maintenance status of the skis to make sure you get one high quality Product received.

Tips for buying used Rossignol skis:

  • Check the condition of the skis carefully.
  • Ask about the length of use and maintenance status of the skis.
  • Adjust the length and handling of the skis to suit your skiing style.
  • Negotiate the price if possible.
  • Don't forget to follow too Ski socks and an ski boot bag to make your skiing experience complete.

By purchasing used Rossignol skis, you can save money while still getting quality equipment for your next ski trip. Browse ski rentals and ski shops near you or look online for used Rossignol skis. With a little patience and careful selection, you are sure to find the right skis for your needs and budget.

Rossignol ski goggles – clear vision in any weather

A high quality Ski goggles is essential for a successful skiing experience. Rossignol offers a variety of ski goggle models specifically designed for skiing. With their high-quality glasses they offer clear view in any weather and protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation and dazzling sunlight.

No matter whether on sunny days, snowfall or fog, the Rossignol Ski goggles ensures optimal visibility on the slopes. Thanks to their anti-fog coating, the lenses do not fog up and allow clear vision throughout the entire day of skiing. The ski goggles are equipped with special ventilation technology that prevents the lenses from fogging up and ensures they are comfortable to wear.

The sunscreen is also an important factor in choosing the right one Ski goggles. The Rossignol ski goggles offer a high level of UV protection and protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Thanks to their special tint, the lenses automatically adapt to the lighting conditions and offer optimal visibility in any weather. Choose Rossignol ski goggles and enjoy the perfect view on the slopes.

Rossignol ski helmet – safety and comfort on the slopes

In the Skiing is the Safety always first. A high quality one Ski helmet is essential to protect your head in the event of a fall or impact. At Rossignol you will find a selection of ski helmets that optimal protection and provide comfort. Our ski helmets have a shock-absorbing construction that absorbs the impact energy in the event of an impact, thereby preventing injuries. In addition, they are equipped with ventilation systems that ensure optimal air circulation and prevent overheating.

We attach great importance to comfort so that you can feel comfortable on the slopes all day long. Our ski helmets are light and ergonomically shapedto ensure a comfortable fit. They have a simple adjustment system that allows you to adjust the fit to your individual needs. Our Helmets also offer space for ski goggles and are equipped with a soft inner lining that feels comfortable on the skin. This means you can fully concentrate on your skiing experience.

The Rossignol Ski helmet not only offers you Safety and comfort, but also style. Our helmets are in different colours and designs available so you can express your personal style on the slopes. No matter whether you prefer a classic or a trendy look, you will find the right one at Rossignol Ski helmet.


Rossignol Ski offers a versatile selection of high-quality ski models for every skiing style and level. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier, with us you will find the perfect ski for your needs. We have alpine skis for beginners, freestyle skis for beginners and freeride skis for adventurous skiers in our range.

Also special ones Sets for womenWe offer cross-country skis for beginners and ski touring skis with bindings. Our skis are not only high quality, but also stylish and offer optimal comfort on the slopes.

It doesn't matter if you Buy Rossignol skis or would like to purchase used models, we have the right offer for everyone. Discover ours Bestsellers and let yourself be inspired by the current ones Trends to inspire. With Rossignol skis you can experience skiing fun at the highest level!


Which alpine skis does Rossignol skis offer?

Rossignol skis offers a variety of alpine ski models for different skiing styles, including carving skis, freeride skis and cross-country skis.

Does Rossignol also offer ski clothing and accessories?

Yes, Rossignol offers high quality ski clothing and accessories including ski goggles, ski helmets, ski boots and poles.

Are there special Rossignol skis for beginners?

Yes, Rossignol also offers models specifically for beginners that make it easier to get started with skiing. These skis are easy to handle and offer stability driving behavior

Which ski sets does Rossignol offer specifically for women?

Rossignol offers special ski sets for women which consists of perfectly coordinated skis, ski boots and a ski bag . there

What are the most popular models of Rossignol skis?

The Bestseller Rossignol skis are the manufacturer's most popular models and offer an optimal combination of quality, performance and style.

Are there cheap alternatives to buying Rossignol skis?

Yes, many ski rentals and ski shops offer used Rossignol skis for sale, providing a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new skis.

Does Rossignol also offer ski goggles with UV protection?

Yes, Rossignol offers a variety of ski goggle models specifically designed for skiing, providing clear vision in all weather conditions.

Are Rossignol ski helmets safe?

Yes, Rossignol ski helmets offer optimal performance Safety and comfort with shock-absorbing construction and good adjustment options.

Comprehensive Guide to Rossignol Skis: Top Sources of Information and Products

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    • Rossignol skis Wikipedia: Get comprehensive information about Rossignol skis on Wikipedia, the renowned online encyclopedia that offers in-depth insight into a variety of topics.
    • Rossignol skis YouTube: Explore Rossignol skis through a variety of videos on YouTube. From informative tutorials to product reviews, YouTube offers a rich source of visual content.
    • Rossignol skis Amazon: Discover the extensive product range from Rossignol skis on Amazon. Here you will find a variety of options, user reviews and much more.
    • Rossignol skis eBay: Browse through a large selection Rossignol skis-Products on Ebay. This marketplace offers both new and used options that may meet your needs.

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