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Column grill 2024: Independent comparison tests for smart purchasing decisions

Stand-up grill: Your comprehensive guide that objectively examines the advantages and disadvantages

A pillar grill is the perfect grill for anyone who likes to grill while seated. With this grill you can easily prepare the food to be grilled on the grill surface. The pillar grill is particularly suitable for smaller barbecue parties or for family use. It is very easy to use and offers precise temperature regulation. This makes it possible to cook the grilled food to the point. The column grill is also very durable and robust, so that it can be enjoyed for a long time even with frequent use. With its modern and stylish design, it is an absolute eye-catcher in every garden.
Best recommendation
Column grill THÜROS T2 plate base stainless steel charcoal garden grill
Price-performance winner
Column grill ACTIVA stainless steel charcoal “Augsburg”
Column grill Thüros GmbH Thüros T4 stainless steel chimney grill
Column grill THÜROS T2 4-foot stainless steel charcoal garden grill
Column grill Mr. Gardener stainless steel charcoal funnel grill Nebraska
Column grill THÜROS T3 plate base stainless steel charcoal garden grill
Column grill ACTIVA stainless steel charcoal funnel grill "Saalfeld"
Column grill ACTIVA stainless steel charcoal "Pisa" 54 x 34 cm grill grate
Column grill tepro charcoal funnel grill Vista, silver
Model Column grill THÜROS T2 plate base stainless steel charcoal garden grill Column grill ACTIVA stainless steel charcoal “Augsburg” Column grill Thüros GmbH Thüros T4 stainless steel chimney grill Column grill THÜROS T2 4-foot stainless steel charcoal garden grill Column grill Mr. Gardener stainless steel charcoal funnel grill Nebraska Column grill THÜROS T3 plate base stainless steel charcoal garden grill Column grill ACTIVA stainless steel charcoal funnel grill "Saalfeld" Column grill ACTIVA stainless steel charcoal "Pisa" 54 x 34 cm grill grate Column grill tepro charcoal funnel grill Vista, silver
Brand doors Active Thuros GmbH doors Mr Gardener doors Active Active Tepro
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Säulengrill
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,1goodSäulengrill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodSäulengrill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodSäulengrill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodSäulengrill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodSäulengrill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodSäulengrill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodSäulengrill
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodSäulengrill
Weight 7 kg 3 kg 16 kg 7 kg k. A. 13,5 kg k. A. 7 kg 9 kg
Grill area 1.230 cm² 910 cm² 2.400 cm² 1.225 cm² 1.018 cm² 1.764 cm² 2.232 cm² 1.830 cm² 2.140 cm²
working height 76 cm 60 cm 86 cm 76 cm 69 cm 86 cm 90 cm 82 cm 84 cm
Warming rack
stable state
Material of the rust handles Stainless steel durable Stainless steel durable Stainless steel durable Wood thermal insulation Stainless steel durable Wood thermal insulation Wood thermal insulation Plastic heat insulation Stainless steel durable
Air regulation
height-adjustable grate
Ash collector
Basic form square period rectangular square square square rectangular rectangular square
approximate number of people 5 4 10 5 4 7 9 7 8
  • can be expanded in many ways through acquisitions
  • 25-year manufacturer's guarantee on the body
  • requires little space
  • easy to transport
  • requires little space
  • comfortable height
  • Can be expanded in many ways by purchasing
  • 25-year manufacturer's guarantee on the body
  • very large screen area
  • easy to transport
  • easy to clean
  • save space
  • requires little space
  • save space
  • high level of security
  • easy to transport
  • easy to clean
  • comfortable height
  • comfortable height
  • easy to clean
  • very large screen area
  • infinitely height adjustable
  • Integrated additional floor
  • large screen area
  • comfortable height
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best column grill in the test & comparison:
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Before you purchase a column grill, please note the following recommendations: Important purchasing advice and useful tips for making an informed decision
We have put together all the essential information for you to make your purchase decision for a column grill easier.

At a glance
  • The pillar grill is a versatile and popular grill that is ideal for outdoor use. Whether in the garden, on the terrace or when camping, the column grill is suitable for a variety of occasions.
  • The special feature of the pillar grill is its construction, which consists of a pillar frame and a grill surface. This achieves even heat distribution, which leads to perfectly cooked grilled food. The column grill is suitable for various grilling methods such as direct and indirect grilling, smoking and baking.
  • Another advantage of the column grill is its mobility. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to transport and store. When buying a column grill, attention should be paid to material quality and workmanship in order to ensure a long service life and reliability.

The perfect companion for grill enthusiasts: our column grill

Column grills are the ideal companions for Grill-Enthusiasts. They offer a strong, durable and practical solution to this Grilling outdoors, Our Säulengrill has been specially developed for grill gourmets to offer incomparable grilling pleasure. Discover the difference our Säulengrill power.

Key Findings:

  • Column grills are ideal for Grill-enthusiasts.
  • Our Säulengrill offers a strong, durable and practical solution to the Outdoor grilling.
  • It was specially developed for grill gourmets and offers incomparable grilling pleasure.

The column grill – the classic among grills

The column grill is a classic among grills and is very popular Grill-Enthusiasts. With its traditional design and use of charcoal it enables the authentic BBQ-Experience. By placing the grilled food directly over the glowing one Coal This creates the unique grilled taste that many grill lovers appreciate. The column grill is the ideal choice for anyone who likes rustic Outdoor grilling love and the special taste of Charcoal grills want to enjoy.

With the column grill you can prepare your favorite grilled dishes and enjoy the convivial atmosphere Grilling enjoy outdoors. Whether juicy steaks, tender chicken or grilled Vegetables – the column grill allows for a variety of preparation options. Due to the intense heat of the Coal The grilled food is cooked quickly and evenly to achieve delicious results. The column grill is the perfect companion for barbecue parties, cozy summer evenings or camping trips.

The column grill is a timeless classic that... Grilling outdoors an unforgettable experience. He combines tradition and passion for it BBQ and offers unique grill taste for every grill enthusiast.

Discover the column grill and experience the fascination of grilling charcoal. Enjoy the unique taste and convivial atmosphere that a column grill offers. Whether in Garden, on the terrace or while camping - the column grill will delight you with its versatile options and its rustic charm.

Practical functions and features

Our column grill offers a variety of practical functions and features that... Grilling make being outdoors even more pleasant and comfortable. The grill is not only ideal for use in... Garden, but also perfect for Outdoor-Activities such as camping and picnics.

Easy to transport and versatile

One of the biggest advantages of our column grill is how easy it is to transport. With a compact design and a weight of just a few kilograms, it can Grill effortlessly into the Garden, can be taken on the terrace, balcony or camping. The robust construction ensures stability and longevity.

With plenty of storage space and practical side tables, you always have everything to hand. So you can add your ingredients, spices and Grill Accessories park it easily and have everything right at hand. These features make grilling even more convenient and make organization easier when grilling outdoors.

Thermometer for perfect grilling results

Our column grill also has an integrated one Thermometer fitted. This gives you the opportunity to accurately monitor the temperature in the grill and perfect grilling results to achieve. Whether you your Meat If you want to grill medium, medium-rare or well-done, the thermometer gives you the necessary control and security.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Another advantage of our column grill is that it is easy to clean and maintain. The grill has a removable ash container that makes removing ash and charcoal residue a breeze. This means your grill and the surrounding area stay clean and nothing stands in the way of your next grilling experience.

Our column grill not only offers you incomparable grilling pleasure, but also practical functions and features that make grilling outdoors a pure pleasure. Discover the versatile uses that this grill offers and enjoy unforgettable grilling moments in the garden Outdoor-Activities or on the next cookout.

Versatility and flexibility of the column grill

Our column grill offers impressive versatility and flexibility when grilling. No matter whether you have one cookout organize or just a quick piece Meat or Vegetables If you want to grill, the column grill is the perfect choice. The direct heat allows you to Meat and  Vegetables grill quickly and evenly for delicious results. The column grill allows you to use different grilling techniques and customize your grilling style.

Versatile grill options

With the column grill you can prepare a variety of dishes. From juicy steaks and tender chicken to grilled vegetables and savory ones hot dog – There are no limits to your culinary creativity. The direct heat of the column grill allows you to quickly sear the food and create the characteristic grilled taste. By using different spices and marinades, you can refine the taste even further and offer your guests an unforgettable taste experience.

Flexibility for different occasions

The column grill is not only versatile, but also extremely flexible for different occasions. Whether you want an intimate cookout If you want to organize events in the garden, grill while camping or enjoy a cozy barbecue evening on the balcony - the column grill is the ideal solution. Thanks to his portable and compact Designs allow you to easily transport the grill and take it anywhere. With the column grill you are always ready to conjure up your favorite grilled dishes and experience unforgettable moments outdoors.

BBQ facilities Occasions
steaks, chickenhot dog, Vegetables Barbecue parties, garden parties
Fish, seafood, skewers Camping, picnic
Burgers, sandwiches, bratwurst balcony, terrace

The right charcoal for the column grill

In order to achieve optimal grilling results with your column grill, it is crucial to have the right one charcoal to use. High quality charcoal offers numerous advantages and helps ensure that your grilled food cooks perfectly and has a delicious smoky taste. When buying charcoal, you should pay attention to a few important factors.

First of all, it is important Coal of good Quality to select. Look for high-quality charcoal that is free of chemical additives and binding agents. This natural charcoal burns evenly and produces the ideal amount of heat and Smoke for an authentic barbecue pleasure.

Another important aspect is the size of the coal pieces. Choose charcoal that is uniformly sized to ensure consistent heat development. Pieces that are too small may burn quickly and result in high heat, while pieces that are too large may not burn through completely and cause uneven cooking.

Advantages of high-quality charcoal What to look for
  • Even glow
  • Optimal heat development
  • Delicious smoky taste
  • No chemical additives
  • Good Quality and high Carbon content
  • Evenly sized pieces of coal
  • Free from chemical additives and binding agents

The right charcoal is crucial for perfect grilled food. Choose high quality ones charcoal without chemical additives to maintain an even glow and delicious smoke flavor.

The carbon content of the charcoal also plays a role. The higher the carbon content, the longer the coal lasts and the more stable the heat development. Therefore, pay attention to information about carbon content on the packaging.

The right charcoal is the key to a successful grilling result. Choose high-quality charcoal, pay attention to the size of the charcoal pieces and the carbon content in order to experience perfect grilling pleasure with your column grill.

Tips for perfect grilled food

In order to get perfect grilled food, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Make sure that the Rust clean and well oiled to prevent the food from sticking. A good tongs is indispensable for easily turning and cooking the meat or vegetables servieren.

Marinate your meat or vegetables before grilling to intensify the flavor. You can give your grilled food an individual taste with different marinades or spice mixtures. Make sure that the grilled food is patted well before marinating to remove excess liquid.

Grill Steakchicken or hot dog at the right temperature and follow the recommended grilling times to achieve optimal results. Use a meat thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the meat to ensure it is perfectly cooked. When grilling vegetables, it is also important to pay attention to the cooking times in order to achieve a crispy result.

Tips for perfect grilled food:

  1. Keep it clean and well oiled Rust.
  2. Use a good one tongsto easily turn the grilled food and serve it.
  3. Marinate the meat or vegetables before grilling to intensify the flavor.
  4. Follow recommended grilling times and use a meat thermometer to monitor core temperature.
  5. When grilling vegetables, be sure to pay attention to cooking times.

“A well-oiled one Rust and the right one tongs are the basis for perfect grilled food.” – Our grill masters recommend.

grilled food Temperature Grill time
Steak (medium) 55-60 °C 3–4 minutes per page
chicken breast 75-80 °C 6-8 minutes per side
hot dog 75-80 °C 8-10 minutes
Vegetables (peppers, zucchini, eggplant) 60-65 °C 6-8 minutes per side

Grill accessories for the column grill

When grilling with the column grill, the right accessories are crucial to achieve optimal grilling results. Here are some essential grilling tools you need for your column grill:


Grill tongs are a must for every grill enthusiast. With high-quality grill tongs you can easily turn and serve your grilled food without damaging it. Be sure to choose stainless steel grill tongs that sturdy and durable at a hunt.

charcoal starter

A pair of  charcoal starter is a practical solution to light the charcoal quickly and easily. The charcoal starter allows the embers to be evenly distributed and shortens the waiting time until the coal is ready for grilling. With a charcoal starter save time and can do that BBQ-Enjoy the experience even faster.

Charcoal basket

A pair of  Charcoal basket Makes it easier to distribute the coal in the column grill and ensures even heat development. The Charcoal basket prevents the coal from falling directly onto the ground of the grill and makes cleaning easier after grilling. Choose a Charcoal basket from high quality material such as stainless steelto ensure a long service life.

With these grill accessories you are well equipped to exploit the full potential of your column grill and prepare delicious grilled dishes. Invest in high-quality accessories to make grilling outdoors even more pleasant and comfortable.

Different versions of the column grill

Our column grill is available in different versions to suit your individual needs. You can have one Choose a column grill with a lid to keep the heat in the grill and the food to be grilled to cook. A Column grill with wheels allows you to move the grill easily. A Column grill with storage space offers space for your grill accessories. A integrated thermometer helps you monitor the temperature accurately. An ash container makes cleaning after grilling easier. Our Stainless steel column grill is particularly durable and robust.

Column grill with lid Column grill with wheels Column grill with storage space Column grill with thermometer Column grill with ash container Stainless steel column grill
The lid keeps the heat in the grill and allows the food to be grilled. Thanks to the wheels, the grill can be easily moved and positioned flexibly. The storage area offers enough space for grill accessories and utensils. The integrated thermometer enables precise monitoring of the grill temperature. The ash container makes it easier to clean the grill after grilling. The stainless steel column grill is particularly durable and robust.

Our column grill offers you the opportunity to choose the grill according to your preferences and requirements. No matter whether you prefer a grill with a lid to protect the food being grilled, a grill with wheels to allow it to be moved flexibly, or a grill with a shelf to keep your grilling accessories within easy reach - you will find the right version with us. The integrated thermometer allows you to precisely control the grill temperature perfect grilling results to achieve. And the ash container makes cleaning the grill easy. If you are looking for one particularly durable and robust Grill is ours Stainless steel column grill the right choice.

Column grill for different occasions

Our column grill is a versatile grill that is ideal for various occasions. Whether you want to grill on your balcony, patio, camping or at a garden party, our column grill offers you the perfect solution.

Column grill for balcony

If you want to grill on your balcony, our column grill is the ideal choice. It is compact and still offers you all the functions you need for successful grilling. You can easily set up the grill and store it away again to save space if necessary.

Column grill for terrace

Our column grill offers enough space and comfort for grilling on your terrace. You can make optimal use of the grill area and treat your guests to delicious grilled dishes. Enjoy grilling outdoors and create a cozy atmosphere on your terrace.

Column grill for camping

If you are at the Barbecue camping our portable column grill is your best choice. It is easy to transport and can easily be stored in your motorhome or Tent be stowed away. With our column grill you can prepare delicious grilled dishes on the go Outdoor-Enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Column grill for garden party

If you are planning a garden party, our column grill with a large grill area and many functions is perfect. You can prepare a variety of grilled foods at the same time and surprise your guests with different delicacies. Our column grill will certainly be the highlight of your garden party.

occasion Säulengrill
Balcony Space-saving and compact grill
Terrace Area Larger grill area and more comfort
Camping Portable and easy to transport grill
garden Party Larger grill area and many functions

Different grilling options with the column grill

With the column grill we have the opportunity to use different grilling techniques. We have various grilling methods at our disposal to achieve the perfect taste and desired cooking level.

Direct grilling

A popular method that we can use with the column grill is direct grilling. We place the food to be grilled directly over the coals to cook it quickly and directly. This method is particularly suitable for thin steaks, chicken breasts or sausages as it generates high heat and cooks the food quickly.

Indirect grilling

Another technique that we can use with the column grill is indirect grilling. Here, the food to be grilled is not placed directly above the coal, but rather placed next to the coal. This means that the grilled food is cooked gently and has a particularly tender and juicy taste. This method is great for larger cuts of meat like roast meat or whole chickens.

Fast and traditional grilling

The column grill also allows us to grill quickly when we are short on time. The direct heat allows us to cook the food quickly, saving valuable time. At the same time, we can also enjoy traditional outdoor grilling with the column grill and enjoy the unique taste of the Charcoal grills . experience

Column grill with special functions

Our column grill is equipped with innovative and practical functions to give you perfect grilling results to deliver. The vents ensure optimal air circulation in the grill and allow you to precisely control the heat. Through the adjustable altitude settings You can flexibly prepare different types of grilled food and achieve the desired cooking level.

The vents are placed at strategic locations in the grill and enable targeted supply and removal of air. This achieves even heat distribution, which leads to perfect grilling results. You can the vents Open or close as needed to precisely control the temperature in the grill. This gives you full control over the cooking process and allows you to prepare the food to perfection.

The altitude settings The column grill offers you the opportunity to adapt the grill surface to the type and size of the food being grilled. You can move the grill grate closer to the glowing coals to get a stronger brand of grill and more intense to achieve taste. Or you can increase the distance to enable more gentle cooking. With the altitude settings You can further refine your grilling skills and always achieve perfect grilling results.

Advanced functions for an incomparable grilling experience

  • Integrated thermometer to monitor grill temperature
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Practical side shelves for additional work space
  • Foldable grill grate for easy adding of coal

With these special functions, our column grill is the perfect companion for all grill enthusiasts. Experience the incomparable grilling experience and enjoy perfectly grilled food with our column grill.

feature Advantage
vents Optimal air circulation and precise heat control
altitude settings Adjustable grill surface for different types of grilled food
Integrated thermometer Monitoring the grill temperature for perfect grilling results
Removable drip tray Easy to clean after grilling
Practical side shelves Additional work surface for preparation and serving
Folding grill grate Easy to add charcoal while grilling

Landmann – A renowned manufacturer of column grills

compatriot has been a renowned manufacturer of column grills for many years. The company has a long tradition and is known for its high-quality barbecue products. compatriot has become one of the leading Grill manufacturer developed and stands for Quality, longevity and Innovation.

Although compatriot had to file for bankruptcy in 2020, The company was later acquired by the company DS Products GmbH was taken over. Despite these challenges, Landmann remains a reliable and respected manufacturer of column grills.

Landmann's products are characterized by their first-class workmanship, their practical functions and their robust construction. The company attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and continually develops its products to meet the needs and desires of barbecue enthusiasts.

With a column grill from Landmann you can enjoy grilling outdoors to the fullest. The high-quality materials, precise workmanship and well-thought-out functions make Landmann a trustworthy partner for all barbecue lovers. Discover the variety of Landmann column grills and let them convince you of their quality and performance.

Landmann column grill Highlights
Column grill with lid Optimal heat regulation and cooking results
Column grill with wheels Easy to move the grill
Column grill with storage space Space for grill accessories
Column grill with thermometer Precise grill temperature monitoring
Column grill with ash container Easy to clean after grilling
Stainless steel column grill durability and robustness

History and mission of Landmann

The BBQ industry in Germany was largely influenced by Landmann. With over 50 years of experience, Landmann is one of the largest Barbecue products-providers in Europe. As a Hanseatic, down-to-earth company, we attach great importance to professionalism, honesty, contemporary solutions and reliable products. Our mission is to provide high quality and practical Barbecue products to offer that enriches the fiery experience at the grill.

From humble beginnings to industry leader

Landmann was founded in the 1960s and began as a small family business in Lower Saxony. With the vision, high quality Barbecue products The company grew quickly and built its reputation as a reliable grill manufacturer. Today we are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of barbecue products in Europe and our Products constantly expanding to meet the needs of our customers.

Quality, innovation and customer satisfaction

Our passion for quality and Innovation is the focus of our work. We only use high quality materials and strictly adhere to quality standards to ensure our products are durable, functional and safe. Our designers and engineers are continually working on new solutions to make grilling even easier and more enjoyable for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority in everything we do.

Hanseatic, down-to-earth Professional Honest Contemporary Reliable
As a Hanseatic company, we are proud of our North German down-to-earthness and tradition. Our team consists of barbecue enthusiasts and professionals who bring their expertise and experience to the development of our products. We are Honestly in our communication and keep our promises to our customers. We are always up to date with the latest technology and trends to offer innovative grilling solutions. Reliability is one of our core values ​​that our customers can always rely on.

Diverse selection of charcoal grills from Landmann

Landmann offers a diverse selection Charcoal grillsto meet the individual needs and preferences of barbecue enthusiasts. In the Products There are different types of grills that are suitable for different grilling styles and experiences.

kettle grill

The kettle grill from Landmann are a classic and are perfect for traditional outdoor grilling. They have a round grill surface that allows for even heat distribution. With a kettle grill You can prepare a variety of grilled dishes and enjoy the unmistakable grilled taste.

Swivel grills

Swivel grills from Landmann offer a rustic barbecue experience and are particularly suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. They consist of a standing column with a pivoting grill grate. By pivoting the grate you can optimally regulate the heat and cook the food evenly.

Round grills

Round grills are compact grills that are ideal for small gardens, Terraces or balconies suitable. They offer a simple and practical solution for outdoor grilling. With a round grill you can quickly and easily prepare a delicious meal and enjoy the pleasure of grilling.

Pellet grills, ovens, grill carts and smokers

In addition to the classic grill types, Landmann also offers pellet grills, furnacesGrillwagen and  Smoker at. Pellet grills enable precise temperature control and ensure even heat distribution. furnaces are ideal for grilling and Baking outdoors. Grillwagen offer additional storage space and comfort when grilling. Smokers allow you to do it slowly Cooking meat and creating a unique smoky flavor.

It doesn't matter which one Charcoal grill You decide, with Landmann you get a high-quality and durable product that offers you incomparable grilling pleasure.

Landmann – quality and innovation for over 50 years

Landmann is a renowned manufacturer of barbecue products and has stood for quality and for over 50 years Innovation in the grill industry. Our many years of experience, combined with our pursuit of continuous improvement, have made us one of the leading providers of high-quality grill equipment. Our goal is to offer products that make outdoor grilling a special experience and help you create unforgettable grilling moments.

At Landmann we attach great importance to quality. Each of our products is carefully developed and tested to ensure they meet the highest standards. We only use first-class materials and rely on robust construction to ensure that our grills are durable and reliable. Our innovative designs and features allow you to improve your grilling skills and create unique taste experiences.

Whether you are a passionate grill master or are just starting out, at Landmann you will find the perfect grill product for your needs. Our Products includes a variety of charcoal grills that offer you different grilling techniques and options. No matter whether you want direct or indirect barbecue Whether you want a quick grill or are looking for a traditional BBQ experience - we have the right grill for you.

Quality Innovation
First-class materials Innovative designs and features
Durable and reliable Continuous improvement and development
Tested and verified Unique taste experiences


The column grill is the perfect companion for grill enthusiasts. With its strong, durable construction and practical functions, it offers unparalleled grilling pleasure in the garden or at a barbecue party. Regardless of whether you want to prepare meat, vegetables or other grilled foods, with the column grill you can enjoy the traditional BBQ experience and create special taste experiences. Choose a column grill from Landmann and experience the difference that quality and innovation make.


What is a pillar grill?

A column grill is a classic one Charcoal grill, which allows for a traditional BBQ experience.

For which occasions is a column grill suitable?

A column grill is perfect for garden parties, camping, balcony and terrace barbecues.

What functions does a column grill have?

A column grill has practical features such as easy transport, storage space, a thermometer and an ash container.

What grilling techniques can you use with a column grill?

With a column grill you can grill directly, grill indirectly, grill quickly or grill traditionally outdoors.

What should you consider when choosing charcoal?

Use high-quality charcoal to achieve optimal grilling results and to shape the grilled taste.

Which accessories are recommended for the column grill?

Recommended accessories for the column grill are grill tongs, a chimney starter and a charcoal basket.

What different versions of column grills are there?

Column grills are available with a lid, wheels, shelf, thermometer, ash container and made of stainless steel.

How long has Landmann existed?

Landmann has been around for over 50 years and is one of Europe's leading grill manufacturers.

What sets Landmann apart as a manufacturer?

Landmann stands for quality, longevity, innovation and offers a large selection of high-quality grill devices.

Which grills does Landmann offer?

Landmann offers different types of grills like kettle grillSwivel grillsRound grills, pellet grills, furnacesGrillwagen and  Smoker 

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      A pillar grill has several advantages over other types of grills. It offers optimal heat distribution and thus ensures an even grilling result. It also enables more precise temperature control and is usually space-saving because it takes up little floor space. In addition, the column grill gives the food to be grilled a unique smoke aroma that makes the taste even more intense.

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