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Scissor chair comparison test 2024: Find out which product is the best

Which folding chair is one of the best? A comparison of the top selections

Scissor chair: The scissor chair brings momentum to any dining room. The extraordinary design of the chair is reminiscent of a scissor mechanism and gives the room a special dynamic. But not only the appearance of the chair is convincing: The seating comfort is also excellent. The ergonomic shape supports an upright sitting position. The scissor chair is perfect for anyone who likes to try new things and would like to spice up their home with an unusual design. Search queries for “modern chair”, “unusual dining room chair” or “functional designer chair” lead to this trendy piece of furniture.
Best recommendation
Scissor chair Decowa spruce medieval LARP
Price-performance winner
Scissor chair Decowa without backrest, 15th century LARP
Scissor chair Kunibert Gothic knight's chair height 90cm style chair
Scissor chair Decowa, bog oak replica, medieval, LARP
Scissor chair Decowa replica (15th century) Medieval LARP
Model Scissor chair Decowa spruce medieval LARP Scissor chair Decowa without backrest, 15th century LARP Scissor chair Kunibert Gothic knight's chair height 90cm style chair Scissor chair Decowa, bog oak replica, medieval, LARP Scissor chair Decowa replica (15th century) Medieval LARP
Brand Decowa Decowa kunibert Decowa Decowa
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!scissor chair
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,9goodscissor chair
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodscissor chair
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodscissor chair
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodscissor chair
Material Spruce and linden wood Spruce, linden and beech wood walnut smoked bog oak wood Spruce, linden and beech wood
Style Middle Ages Middle Ages Gothic Middle Ages Middle Ages
Dimensions H 75 x 19,5 x 50 cm 91 x 44 x 88 cm 90 x 41 x 63 cm 80 x 19,5 x 50 cm 91 x 49 x 88 cm
quality of workmanship very well particularly good very well very well particularly good
Color Nature Nature Brown Shiny black) Nature
Untreated surface
  • Very good workmanship
  • solid combination of materials
  • hand carved ornaments
  • high seating comfort thanks to the backrest
  • Exceptionally good workmanship
  • solid combination of materials
  • hand carved ornaments
  • made of high-quality walnut wood
  • very good workmanship
  • the seat is very comfortable thanks to the backrest
  • high seating comfort
  • very good workmanship
  • rustic finish
  • solid combination of materials with hand-carved decorations
  • particularly good workmanship
  • high seating comfort thanks to the backrest
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best scissor chair in the test & comparison:
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Scissor chair 2024: Comparisons and valuable tips for your purchase decision can be found here - comprehensive guide and expert opinions
Purchasing a scissor chair is easier if you follow our recommendations. In this guide you will find all the essential information

At a glance
  • A scissor chair is a handy way to add extra seating. The folding chair can be stowed away to save space and is therefore ideal for small rooms or events.
  • The scissor chair is extremely stable and can easily carry up to 150 kg. The frame is made of robust steel and the seat and backrest are equipped with a durable textile cover. The chair can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Due to its low weight, the scissor chair is easy to transport and is therefore also well suited for use in outdoor activities such as camping or barbecues. With its ease of use and modern design, the scissor chair is a practical and stylish option for extra seating.

The revolutionary scissor chair for maximum seating comfort – now new!

Discover the revolutionary scissor chair, which offers you a new standard in seating comfort. With its innovative Design and high quality Materials it meets all requirements. Whether as foldingcamp chairGarden chair or Outdoor chair, this foldable chair is the perfect companion for leisure activities. Experience the ultimate Comfort, the the scissor chair offers.


  • The scissor chair offers revolutionary seating comfort
  • High quality material and innovative design
  • Many areas of application: foldingcamp chairGarden chairOutdoor chair
  • Foldable and light to transport
  • Experience the ultimate Comfort of the scissor chair

Versatile scissor chair for every occasion

The scissor chair is versatile and is perfect as a Angler chairbeach chairFolding deck chairRelax chairfolding stoolPicnic chairbalcony chairarmchair and much more. Thanks to his foldable designs and its adjustable functions, it allows for individual adaptation to any occasion. Regardless of whether you are at fishing If you want to relax, enjoy the sun on the beach or relax on the balcony - the scissor chair is the ideal companion.

Angler chair: With its comfortable seat and convenient cup holder, the scissor chair is the perfect choice for anglers who spend hours on the water.

beach chair: Enjoy it Comfort one Folding chair with adjustable backrest and breathable Fabric cover for carefree hours on the beach.

Folding deck chair: Sit back and relax in a comfortable Folding deck chair, which is perfect for sunbathing in the Garden or on the terrace.

Relax chair: Treat yourself to a break and treat yourself to the luxury of a relaxation chair that comes with an adjustable backrest and footrest ensures ultimate relaxation.

folding stool: If you have additional Seating & Standing places need is one folding stool the perfect choice. Slightly and portable, it is ideal for camping, picnics or others Outdoor-Activities.

Picnic chair: With armrests and a practical cup holder Picnic chair a comfortable choice for cozy outdoor dining.

balcony chair: Make the most of the limited space on your balcony with a foldable one balcony chair,  comfortable and save space at a hunt.

armchair: Transform yours Garden or your terrace in a cozy lounge with a comfortable armchair, which offers you a comfortable sitting experience.

Robust, light and space-saving

The scissor chair is a Patio chair, which is characterized by its robustness, lightness and space-saving. The steel frame ensures a solid construction while being durable Fabric cover offers high seating comfort. The Scissor mechanism allows the chair to be easily folded and save space to store or transport. Whether for use on the terrace, in the garden or on the go - the scissor chair is a comfortable and practical companion.

Thanks to its light weight, the scissor chair is also easy to carry and transport. This makes it ideal for camping trips, picnics in the park or visiting Outdoor-Events. However, despite its lightness, the scissor chair is extremely robust and provides high load capacity to ensure that you comfortable can sit no matter where you are.

With its space-saving design, the scissor chair is also suitable for small rooms or limited storage space. When you don't need it, you can simply fold it up and put it aside. This makes the scissor chair the perfect choice for people looking for a comfortable, sturdy yet space-saving chair.

Varied scissor chair for individual needs

The scissor chair offers a variety of variants to meet individual needs. Whether you have one Camping chair with drink holder, a Garden chair with armrest and footrestfoldable scissor chairs for the balcony, a light one folding for on the go or looking for a compact folding stool for a camping holiday - the scissor chair offers the right solution. With a robust Outdoor chair with carrying bag you can comfortable sitting in nature while a Folding chair with sun canopy Provides protection from the sun. For people with special load-bearing needs, there are also folding chairs with high load-bearing capacity. A comfortable fishing chair with backrest , and a stable Beach chair with neck cushion provide additional comfort. If you want to relax and enjoy the moment is a foldable relaxation chair with adjustment function or a Folding deck chair with breathable fabric cover a good choice.

For use on the terrace offers one sturdy patio chair with durable steel frame the required stability. A folding picnic chair with armrests and cup holders is ideal for outdoor dining. If you have a comfortable one Leisure chair Looking for the garden are available to you different models available. For camping adventures you will find lightweight, compact folding chairs with nylon cover and sturdy folding stool with carrying handle. If you want a portable scissor chair with padded backrest If you prefer, this option is also available. In addition, scissor chairs are available in different Colors available so you can choose the chair that best suits your personal style.

Examples of variants of the scissor chair:

  • Camping chair with drink holder
  • Garden chair with armrest and footrest
  • Foldable scissor chairs for the balcony
  • Lightweight folding chair for on the go
  • Compact folding stool for camping holidays
  • Robust outdoor chair with carrying bag
  • Folding chair with sun canopy
  • Folding chair with high load capacity
  • Comfortable fishing chair with backrest
  • Stable beach chair with neck cushion
  • Foldable relaxation chair with adjustment function
  • Folding deck chair with breathable fabric cover
  • Robust patio chair with durable steel frame
  • Folding picnic chair with armrests and cup holder
  • Comfortable leisure chair for the garden
  • Compact folding chair for camping adventures
  • Portable scissor chair with padded backrest
  • Lightweight folding chair with nylon cover
  • Stable folding stool with carrying handle
  • Folding scissor chair in different colors

No matter the purpose - the scissor chair offers a wide range of options to meet your individual needs and offer you optimal comfort.

Scissor chairs – The perfect combination of comfort and functionality

Scissor chairs are the ideal choice for anyone looking for maximum seating comfort and a wide range of uses. Whether as a folding chair, camp chairGarden chair or outdoor chair – they offer a comfortable seat and easy handling. Your foldable one Design allows for space saving Storage and makes transport easier.

With a scissor chair you always have the perfect companion for any leisure activity. Whether camping, at festivals, fishing or just in your own garden - this foldable chair offers comfort and functionality in one. You can take it anywhere and be assured of a comfortable seat.

Versatile and robust

  • The scissor chair is suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Er ist robust designed and offers a high load capacity.
  • The Fabric cover is durable and durable.
  • The folding mechanism allows for easy handling and space-saving storage.

Discover the advantages of a scissor chair - the perfect combination of comfort and functionality.

High-quality materials for durability and stability

The scissor chair is made of high quality materials to ensure durability and stability. With its robust Scissor mechanism, stable steel frame and durable fabric cover, it offers a solid construction that can withstand everyday challenges. No matter whether you use it in the garden, on the terrace or while camping, the scissor chair remains reliable and stable.

The Scissor mechanism ensures that the chair is locked securely and firmly so you can sit back and relax. The steel frame not only ensures the necessary stability, but also makes the chair light to transport. Despite its robustness, the scissor chair is surprisingly light, making it easy to move from one place to another.

Robust, light and stable

With its durable fabric cover, the scissor chair not only offers comfort, but is also durable and easy to clean. The material is robust resistant to wear and tear and the effects of the weather, so you can use the chair outdoors without worry. No matter whether it's sunshine, rain or dirt - the scissor chair can withstand and retain its beauty and functionality.

Practical and space-saving thanks to the foldable design

The scissor chair is characterized by its practical and space-saving design. Thanks to its folding and collapsible mechanism, it can be easily folded and folded when not in use save space be stowed away. This makes it particularly suitable for small spaces or for transport and storage on the go.

The folding design of the scissor chair allows me to quickly and easily set it up or take it down as needed. This is particularly useful when I have limited space or need to transport it often. Regardless of whether in Living room, on the balcony or in the garden – the scissor chair adapts flexibly to my needs.

Thanks to its foldable design, the scissor chair can also be stored away to save space when I don't need it. This leaves more space for other furniture or activities. When I need it again, I can simply unfold it again and immediately enjoy the high level of seating comfort that the scissor chair offers.

Adjustable options for individual seating comfort

To ensure individual seating comfort, the scissor chair offers adjustable options. With various adjustment options, you can adjust the backrest, seat height or other functions to suit your personal preferences. This allows you to find a comfortable sitting position and maximize seating comfort.

Regardless of whether you prefer a more upright posture or prefer to lean back a little, the scissor chair adapts to your needs. The adjustable options allow you to adjust the chair to your height and adopt an ergonomic position. This means you can sit relaxed and comfortably.

“I was excited when I discovered that the scissor chair offers adjustable options. I can adjust the backrest to perfectly suit my posture. This has significantly improved my sitting comfort and I can now sit comfortably for hours.” – A satisfied customer

Experience comfortable sitting

The scissor chair allows you to customize your sitting position to maximize comfort. Regardless of whether you use the chair in the garden, on the balcony or while camping - the adjustable options ensure a comfortable seating experience. Enjoy the feeling of sitting relaxed and comfortably without having to make any compromises.

Portable and easy to transport

The scissor chair is not only comfortable and functional, but also portable and lightweight to transport. Thanks to his foldable design and its lightweight Construction makes it ideal for on the go. Whether for a camping trip, a day at the beach or a trip to the garden, the scissor chair can be easily folded up and transported from one place to another with ease.

With its light weight, it is comfortable to carry and can be easily stored in your Cars, stow motorhome or caravan. So you always have a comfortable seat at hand, no matter where your journey takes you. Enjoy the comfort of a scissor chair that offers you flexibility and convenience - whether indoors or outdoors.

A portable seating solution for on the go

The scissor chair is the ideal portable seating solution for anyone who values ​​comfort and mobility. Whether camping, fishing, picnicking or just relaxing outdoors - the scissor chair offers you a comfortable place to sit wherever you are.

With its lightweight design and practical folding mechanism, you can easily fit it into your backpack, put it in the trunk or your bag and take it anywhere. So you always have your own seat at hand, whether you're going on a nature trip or just taking a break in the park. The scissor chair is the perfect solution for anyone who values ​​comfort and mobility.

Durable fabric cover for outdoor use

The scissor chair is equipped with a durable fabric cover that is specially designed for Outdoor-Use was developed. This reference is waterproofdurable and offers Protection from the elements. No matter whether it's raining, sunning or dirty - the fabric cover of the scissor chair stands up well and offers reliable protection for long-term outdoor use.

With a waterproof fabric cover, the scissor chair is ideal for outdoor use. Whether in a sudden rain shower or in the blazing sun, the fabric cover protects against moisture and harmful UV rays. This means you can use the scissor chair in the garden, on the balcony or when camping without hesitation and always rely on a dry and protected place to sit.

Another advantage of the durable fabric cover is its longevity. It is robust and resistant to wear and tear, so you will enjoy your scissor chair for a long time. Regardless of whether the chair is subjected to heavy use or is left outdoors for a long period of time, the fabric cover maintains its quality and appearance.

High load capacity for a secure fit

The scissor chair has been specially developed for a safe and comfortable fit and therefore offers a high load capacity. Seine robust construction and high quality Materials ensure stable and safe seating for people of different sizes and statures. No matter whether you are tall or short, the scissor chair offers you the support and comfort you need.

The high load capacity of the scissor chair makes it ideal for use in various situations. Whether you want to use it in the garden, patio, camping or other outdoor activities, the scissor chair can provide you with the secure seat you need. You can sit back, relax and enjoy nature without having to worry about whether the chair is yours Weight can carry.

The stability of the scissor chair is a result of the careful construction and selection of materials. The steel frame provides a solid base, while the durable fabric cover provides additional comfort and support. You can rely on the scissor chair to provide you with a stable and secure seat no matter where you use it.

Comfortable backrest for relaxed sitting

The scissor chair offers a comfortable backrest that ensures relaxed sitting. Whether you want to rest after a long day of fishing or just enjoy nature, the ergonomic backrest of the scissor chair allows you to adopt a comfortable sitting position and maximize comfort.

With its padded backrest, the scissor chair provides soft support for your back. This allows you to sit comfortably for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Whether you want to read a book, have a conversation or just enjoy the view - the comfortable backrest of the scissor chair ensures that you feel completely comfortable.

Additional relaxation with the neck cushion and footrest

To offer you even more comfort, the scissor chair has an integrated Neck pad and  footrest. The Neck pad allows you to relax your neck and Head easy to put down and thus adopt a more relaxed position. The footrest can be adjusted to relieve strain on your legs and support a comfortable sitting position.

With these additional features you can sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. Whether you want to enjoy the sun on the beach, take a nap in the garden or just enjoy the fresh air on your balcony - the scissor chair is with you Neck pad and footrest provides ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Neck pad and footrest for added comfort

The scissor chair offers the highest level of comfort thanks to its innovative design and well-thought-out functions. Particularly noteworthy are the neck pad and footrest, which provide additional comfort and relaxation. The neck pad allows for an ergonomic posture and supports the neck area, while the footrest relieves the strain on the legs and provides a comfortable position for the feet.

With these additional functions, sitting on the scissor chair becomes a real pleasure. You can sit back, relax your neck and put your legs up for optimal relaxation. Whether you want to read a book, enjoy nature or just enjoy the peace and quiet - the scissor chair with neck cushion and footrest ensures unparalleled comfort and pure enjoyment.

Discover the scissor chair with neck cushion and footrest and experience a top-class seating experience. Treat yourself to this luxurious comfort and make your time outdoors even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Different colors and styles to choose from

The scissor chair offers a wide range Colors and styles to suit your individual taste and style. No matter if you have a neutral color palette If you prefer or prefer something colorful, the scissor chair offers you a wide range of choices to meet your personal preferences. From classic black and white to subtle earth tones to lively ones Colors like red, blue or green – the possibilities are endless.

In addition to the different colors, the scissor chair is also available in different styles. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or prefer a more rustic, natural charm, there is a style to suit every room and every taste. From clean lines and simple shapes to playful details and ornate elements - the scissor chair offers a variety of styles to emphasize your individual interior style.

Choose your scissor chair in the color and style that best suits you and your living space. Whether in the living room, in the dining area, on the terrace or in the garden - the scissor chair becomes an eye-catcher and gives every room a special touch. Create your personal comfort zone with a scissor chair that is not only comfortable, but also stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

A must for every design lover in Germany

The scissor chair is not only comfortable seating, but also an absolute must-have for everyone Design lover in Germany. With its innovative design and its high-quality processing it sets new standards in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Whether in the living room, in the garden or on the terrace - this chair is an eye-catcher and fits harmoniously into different furnishing styles.

As a Design lover You will certainly appreciate the beauty and suitability for everyday use of high-quality pieces of furniture. The scissor chair combines exactly these features and offers you a unique combination of comfort and stylish design. Its clean lines, modern shapes and high quality Materials make it a real eye-catcher that will enhance your living space and impress your guests.

As a masterpiece of furniture design, the scissor chair is also a statement of timeless elegance and sense of style. With its presence and individuality, it gives every room a special touch and lets your design preferences shine. Explore the variety of colors and styles to find the scissor chair that perfectly suits your decor. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant look or a modern, minimalist style - the scissor chair offers you all the options to realize your personal design vision.


The scissor chair offers maximum seating comfort and versatile usage options. With its foldable design, robust construction and comfortable backrest, it is the ideal companion for camping, the garden, the beach or the terrace. The scissor chair revolutionizes the sitting experience and is a must for everyone Design lover in Germany. Choose different colours and styles to choose your personal favorites and look forward to incomparable seating pleasure.

The scissor chair is a folding chair, camping chair, garden chair, outdoor chair, foldable chair and Leisure chair in one. Its flexible and compact design allows for easy handling and space-saving storage. Discover the scissor chair and enjoy maximum seating comfort at every opportunity.

Whether fishing, on the balcony, at a picnic or in nature - the scissor chair adapts to your individual needs. With its high-quality material, lightweight construction and adjustable function, it offers a comfortable and stable seat. The scissor chair is the perfect companion for your leisure activities and an essential accessory for every outdoor lover.

With the scissor chair you will experience a unique sitting experience. It offers you comfort, functionality and a stylish design. Choose your scissor chair today and enjoy relaxing hours outdoors.

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