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Somat-Tabs comparison test results 2024: Your comprehensive overview of the top products

Make up your own mind: Everything you should know about dishwasher tablets – a guide from experience

The Somat tabs ensure that your dishes are cleaned quickly and reliably. The tabs dissolve quickly and remove even stubborn dirt thoroughly and reliably. They are particularly gentle on the environment and also save water. The Somat tabs are easy to dose and are therefore also suitable for use in larger households. Another advantage: The tabs are extremely economical and therefore particularly economical to use.
Best recommendation
Somat tabs Somat dishwasher tabs 10 handles 90 PIECE
Price-performance winner
Somat tabs Somat All in 1 Pro Nature dishwasher tabs, 56 tabs
Somat-Tabs Somat All in 1 dishwasher tabs, 60 tabs
Model Somat tabs Somat dishwasher tabs 10 handles 90 PIECE Somat tabs Somat All in 1 Pro Nature dishwasher tabs, 56 tabs Somat-Tabs Somat All in 1 dishwasher tabs, 60 tabs
Brand Somat Somat Somat
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Somat tabs
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com1,7goodSomat tabs
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodSomat tabs
salt rinse aid Haha Haha Haha
Soluble at 45°C
Quantity Price per tab 90 tabs €0,24 56 tabs €0,13 60 tabs €0,13
Stainless steel gloss glass protection Haha Haha No Yes
Odor neutralizer
machine maintenance function
  • with salt and rinse aid
  • with stainless steel shine and glass protection
  • odor neutralizer
  • soluble at 45 °C
  • 94% ingredients of natural origin
  • Packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard
  • with salt and dish soap
  • with stainless steel shine and glass protection
  • machine care
  • soluble at 45°C
  • water soluble pouch
  • machine care
  • with salt and rinse aid
  • odor neutralizer
  • soluble at 45°C
to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best Somat tabs in the test & comparison:
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Expert recommendations for Somat tabs: Essential tips and guides for your purchasing decision
In the Somat-Tabs test & comparison you will find out how to choose the right product

At a glance
  • Somat tabs are an effective way to thoroughly clean dishes. The tabs contain all the necessary cleaning agents to quickly and effectively remove stubborn dirt and grease from plates and cutlery. The tabs are easy to use and guarantee thorough cleaning.
  • The Somat-Tabs are suitable for all types of dishwashers and ensure spotless cleaning of crockery, glasses and cutlery. The tabs contain Power Formula technology that removes even stubborn dirt and food residue. In addition, they are easy to use and guarantee sparkling clean dishes at all times.
  • Somat tabs are available in different sizes and are also suitable for sensitive skin. The tabs are biodegradable and pollute less than conventional detergents. With Somat-Tabs you save time, money and energy and are guaranteed to have sparkling clean dishes at all times.

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dishwasher clean – Somat Duo machine cleaner application and test


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Comprehensive Guide to Somat Tabs: Top Sources of Information and Products

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    • Somat Tabs YouTube: Explore Somat tabs through a variety of videos on YouTube. From informative tutorials to product reviews, YouTube offers a rich source of visual content.
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    • Somat tabs Ebay: Browse through a large selection Somat tabs-Products on Ebay. This marketplace offers both new and used options that may meet your needs.

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Comments to "Somat tabs" Comparison

  1. Luke Keller says:

    Are the Somat tabs suitable for all dishwashers?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Luke Keller,

      Your interest in our Somat-Tabs comparison is an honor for us. Thank you for your valuable contribution and feedback!

      Yes, the Somat tabs are suitable for all standard dishwashers. They ensure thorough cleaning and effectively remove even stubborn dirt.

      Greetings from the support team to Osterode am Harz.

  2. Jacob says:

    Are these tabs also suitable for hard water?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Jacob,

      Your commitment to our Somat-Tabs test & comparison is remarkable. Thank you for supporting and accompanying us with your feedback!

      Yes, these Somat tabs are also suitable for hard water. They contain special ingredients that effectively combat limescale deposits and protect your dishwasher from damage. No matter how hard your water is, these tabs will ensure sparkling clean dishes.

      Best regards from the service team in Pfungstadt.

  3. Henry Vogt says:

    Are the Somat tabs suitable for all dishwashers?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Henry,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our Somat tabs test & comparison. Thank you!

      Yes, Somat-Tabs are not only suitable for all conventional dishwashers, but also for dishwashers with integrated dishwasher technology and user-defined settings that ensure optimal cleaning and care. Somat tabs help remove stubborn dirt and thoroughly clean dishes.

      Best regards to Schneverdingen.

      support specialist

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