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Bedroom: Your retreat to dream and relax

The bedroom is one of the most intimate and personal rooms in a home. It not only serves as a place to sleep, but also as a retreat where you can relax, read, think or simply take a break from hectic everyday life. The furnishings and furnishings of the bedroom should therefore be both functional and cozy in order to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Below are some essential elements that should not be missing in a bedroom:

bed linen

bed linen is an essential part of sleeping comfort. It envelops the sleeper and helps you feel safe and comfortable. From cooling linen to cozy flannel bedding, there's an option for every season and every taste.


A pair of boxspringbed Thanks to its special design, it offers a high level of sleeping comfort. Consisting of a spring core box, a mattress and a topper, it distributes the body weight evenly and thus optimally supports the spine.


The nightstand is often an underestimated piece of furniture in the bedroom. It not only serves as a shelf for alarm clocks, glasses or books, but can also add lamps or decorations to the ambience of the room.

thermal curtain

A pair of thermal curtain helps to protect the bedroom from unwanted light and drafts. In addition, it can also serve as an insulator and thus contribute to energy savings by keeping the heat in the room.

water bed

The water bed offers a unique lying feeling. Thanks to the liquid filling, it adapts perfectly to the body and can relieve muscle tension. The temperature can also be adjusted individually, which is particularly advantageous on cold nights.

The foundation for sweet dreams

The bedroom is the place where we keep our Batteries recharge again. With the right equipment, it becomes a personal oasis of well-being every day invites you to dream again.