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Living room

Functional furniture for a warm party atmosphere. After dinner, you and your family go into the living room, where you all eagerly wait for the latest episode of your favorite series. But first everyone has to sit down. The sofa is initially full because drinks and snacks are already on the coffee table, so you sit in the armchair as usual. Quickly pull the curtains Close and dim the lights and a cozy night can begin in the living room.

The living room should be a retreat for you and your family and friends. Comfortable seating, sufficient storage space and shelves as well as harmonious lighting ensure a homely ambience. What furniture and Accessories The following overview shows you that they are part of the basic equipment in your living area.

Armchairs, sofas and living landscapes

Create enough seating so that you and your friends can talk comfortably and nobody has to stand. If there is a lot of space, a large living area in an L or U shape is a good choice. You can stretch out completely on it or sit opposite your guests.

For single or couple households and small living rooms, a compact one or two-seater is sufficient. Corner sofas are just as practical when space is limited, because you use small niches yourself. You can add additional seats to such a small couch with matching stools. You can loosen up your sofa group with one or more armchairs or you can use a comfortable one-seater to set up a small reading corner in the living room.

Chest of drawers, showcases and closets

If there is none TV, no decorations or your favorite book, what would the living room be? To create a tidy overall look, you can store your treasure and multimedia center in a complete closet. The individual cabinets have the same design and can work together harmoniously. In most cases, you can arrange individual shelves and cabinet parts flexibly and tailor them exactly to your room. Behind the showcase you can display beautiful glasses or vases. Your favorite works are well presented in the display case Dust and dirt protected: For example, if you illuminate the display case with colorful LED strips, it can also be highlighted at night. Do you want to hide your object from prying eyes? Than are Chests and sideboards are a good choice. You can store small items safely and orderly behind closed doors or drawers. You can also place candles, picture frames or other accessories on the top shelf.

Stool, trolley and coffee table

The coffee table completes your lounge area and offers space for snacks and drinks, as well as remote controls or magazines. A table with drawers or shelves where you can collect old magazines or keep coasters for your glasses is practical. The side trolley with wheels makes you particularly flexible. For example, you can in the cuisine Place drinks and food on a serving trolley and transport them comfortably and cleanly to the living room. Or the mobile side table can be converted into a minibar with fixed castors. In addition to setting up a separate table, you can also use a stool as storage space. So that your drink sits firmly on it, the surface should be as flat as possible. Some models have a hidden storage box under the seat.

Fairy lights, floor lamps, chandeliers

So that you don't sit in the dark of the living room, good basic lighting with ceiling lights is important. If your dining area is integrated into the room, you can illuminate the table or ordinary coffee table with a decorative chandelier to make it the focal point of the living room. A single light source is usually not sufficient, especially in large rooms. So combine different types of lights to make your living room brighter and more comfortable. The wall lamp brings light into the dark corner and with the floor lamp you can illuminate your reading corner in a targeted manner. Recessed spotlights are a great idea for highlighting a single image. Or you can have a series of light snakes on the wall. Indirect light has a calming effect, like flickering candlelight, but is also safe for children. Usually you can even change the light color.