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Imagine you are sitting in a cozy home matches ready to light a warm, welcoming candle. A spark, a small miracle that transforms life into flickering light. These delicate, tiny ones Stick have a long and fascinating history. From primitive flint to modern safety matches, they have evolved over time and yet remain an important and often overlooked part of our everyday lives. Whether it's for lighting the hearth fire, lighting a cozy romantic candle or lighting a lantern on an adventurous camping trip, one thing is certain: matches are a useful, simple and yet surprisingly versatile instrument. In this modern, digitalized world where instant convenience and efficiency often dominate, the simple, satisfying crackle of a match can be a wonderful little escape from the past. So, make yourself comfortable, light a match and discover the quiet, crackling joy of traditional matches. With matches, the fire is always in your hand.

Best recommendation
Matches jameitop ®🔥 Matchboxes 4 X 45
Price-performance winner
Matches Osma unilite 380 wood 44mm matches
Matches KM Firemaker 10 boxes of 50 matches
Matches Itsisa Candles/Flowers Motif (Set of 6) Long
Matches Siena Garden SIENA HOME 221187 Long matches
Matches KM Zündholz International 500 boxes Europe
Matches jameitop ® 60 boxes fire/wood
Matches everywhere fuse PACK of 30 outdoor matches
Model Matches jameitop ®🔥 Matchboxes 4 X 45 Matches Osma unilite 380 wood 44mm matches Matches KM Firemaker 10 boxes of 50 matches Matches Itsisa Candles/Flowers Motif (Set of 6) Long Matches Siena Garden SIENA HOME 221187 Long matches Matches KM Zündholz International 500 boxes Europe Matches jameitop ® 60 boxes fire/wood Matches everywhere fuse PACK of 30 outdoor matches
Brand Jameitop Osma Km Firemaker Itsisa Siena Garden Km Matchstick International Jameitop
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!matches
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,3goodmatches
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodmatches
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodmatches
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodmatches
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodmatches
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodmatches
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodmatches
box size 11 x k. A. x k. A. cm 4,8 x 3,6 x 1,2 cm 10 x 6,5 x 2 cm 10 x 6,5 x 2 cm 19,4 x 6,3 x 2 cm 5,3 x 3,8 x 1,5 cm 4,8 x 3,6 x 1,2 cm 4,8 x 3,6 x 1,2 cm
motive Retro classic Flowers Candles classic Europe Wood Cowboy
Quality particularly good very well very well particularly good particularly good very well very well very well
Quantity Price per box Four boxes €3,00 per box Ten boxes €0,14 per box Ten boxes €1,65 per box Six boxes €1,33 per box A box €5,95 per box 500 boxes €0,08 per box 60 boxes €0,17 per box 30 box €1,09 per box
  • different colored heads
  • Retro design
  • compact size
  • 2 rubbing surfaces
  • 2 grid areas
  • 2 rubbing surfaces
  • beautiful design
  • particularly suitable for cooking in the fireplace
  • 2 grill areas
  • compact format
  • 2 grid areas
  • compact format
  • 2 grid areas
  • compact size
  • 2 rubbing surfaces
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

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At a glance
  • Matches are small, handy objects used to light candles, cigarettes and fireworks. They consist of a wooden stick and a match head, which consists of several chemicals. The most common types of matches are safety and matchboxes.
  • Matches were once made with white phosphorus, but red phosphorus is now used because of its toxic effects. There are also more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional matches, such as paper or cellulose matches. Some countries prohibit the sale of matches to minors.
  • Matches are small practical helpers for on the go and in the household. Despite their simple technology, they should be stored and disposed of safely and properly to avoid accidents. However, disposing of them with normal household waste is often problematic, it is better to collect them in a small glass or ashtray and then dispose of them at collection points for batteries and lamps.

What are matches?

Matches are small igniters used to start fires. They consist of a thin wooden stick, the so-called match head, which contains a combustible mixture. Friction against a rough surface, such as a matchbox or book of matches, creates a spark that starts the ignition process.

Who invented matches?

The invention of matches is credited to Swedish chemist and engineer Gustaf Erik Pasch. In 1844 he developed the so-called safety match, in which the match head could be ignited on a special friction surface. This innovation was safer and more reliable compared to the earlier matches, where the match head could be lit on any rough surface.

How do matches work?

The principle of matches is based on the chemical reaction between the match head and the striking surface. The match head consists of a mixture of chemical substances such as sulphur, phosphorus and an oxidizer. When the match head is ignited by friction, a flame is created that reaches the wooden tip of the match and ignites.

Where are matches used?

Matches are used in various areas. They are often used in households for everyday use, such as lighting candles, stoves or grills. Outdoor enthusiasts use matches when camping, Hiking or for campfires. In gastronomy, they are used in professional kitchens to ignite gas burners or flambés.

When should you exercise caution when handling matches?

Care should be taken when handling matches to avoid accidents. Make sure the flame is completely extinguished before discarding the match. Avoid contact with flammable materials and keep matches out of the reach of children.

What are special matches, such as windproofs, used for?

Special matches, such as windproof matches, are designed for situations when it is windy outside. Due to their special construction, they can be reliably ignited even in strong winds. Outdoor enthusiasts, campers and hikers value these windproof matches as they provide reliable ignition even under adverse weather conditions.

Origin of matches

The origin of matches lies in the need to start fires in a simple and safe way. Various methods have been used to create fire since ancient times, such as rubbing pieces of wood or using flints and tinder. The invention of matches in the 19th century revolutionized the use of fire and contributed to the development of modern means of ignition.

Our matches Recommendation on Amazon:

jameitop®🔥 Matchboxes 4 x 45 packs 11cm with vintage retro nostalgia design matches
  • 4x45 = 180 XL matches per order unit
  • Firewoods - mega vintage / retro motifs in extra long format
  • 3-4 different motifs are included

types of matches

Ordinary matches:

  • Features: Classic matches found in most homes. They have a match head that is ignited on the box or booklet.
  • Scope of application: Suitable for general use such as lighting candles or cigarettes.

Safety matches:

  • Features: Special matches where the match head is ignited on a specific striking surface to reduce the risk of accidental ignition.
  • Scope of application: Recommended when safety and control are important, such as lighting gas stoves or ovens.

Storm Matches:

  • Features: Windproof matches are specially designed to provide reliable ignition even in strong winds.
  • Scope of application: Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping or Hiking, where it can be difficult to make a fire due to the weather.

safety first

Be sure to store matches safely and keep them out of the reach of children. Always use matches with caution and never leave lit matches unattended.

matches Advantages disadvantages


  • Easy to handle: Matches are easily accessible and do not require additional tools.
  • Portability: You can take matches with you anywhere, and they tend to be compact and lightweight.
  • Instant Ignition: Matches provide a quick and reliable way to start fires.


  • Limited number of ignitions: A match can only be struck once and is then consumed.
  • Dependence on external conditions: Humid weather or strong winds can make it difficult to strike matches.
  • Security Risk: If mishandled or used unsupervised, matches can create a fire hazard.

Watch out for the flame

Keep lit matches away from combustible materials and ensure the flame is completely extinguished before discarding the match. Avoid bringing the flame too close to your face, hair or clothing.


What are the advantages of outdoor matches compared to traditional matches?

Outdoor matches have been specially developed for use in nature and offer a number of advantages over conventional matches. Firstly, they are usually windproof, which means that they will reliably fire even in strong winds. This is especially important when camping or hiking where windy conditions are often encountered. Second, outdoor matches are usually waterproof, or at least water resistant. This allows you to make fires even in humid weather or near water sources. In addition, outdoor matches often have longer wooden handles, giving you better control over the flame and protecting your fingers from burns. Overall, outdoor matches are a reliable and practical option for anyone who enjoys spending time in nature and relies on a working fire.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of matchboxes compared to matchbooks?

Matchboxes and matchbooks are two common types of match packaging. Each option has its own pros and cons. Matchboxes usually offer more protection for the matches because they are made of sturdy material such as cardboard or metal. This protects the matches from moisture and damage. In addition, matchboxes often offer more space and can contain a larger number of matches. Book of matches, on the other hand, are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for travel. They easily fit in pockets or purses and are convenient for everyday use. However, matchbooks provide less protection for the matches and are more susceptible to moisture and damage. The choice between matchboxes and matchbooks depends on your individual needs and preferences.

How can you transport matches safely?

Transporting matches safely is important to avoid accidents. Here are some tips on how to safely transport matches:

  • Use a sturdy matchbox or matchbook to protect the matches from damage.
  • Make sure the matches are tight and secure in the packaging to prevent accidental lighting.
  • Keep the matches at one cool and dry place to avoid moisture damage.
  • Do not carry matches in the same pocket as flammable materials such as cigarettes or lighters to avoid possible accidents.
  • Never leave lit matches unattended and ensure the flame is completely extinguished before storing matches.

How long do matches last?

The shelf life of matches can vary depending on the manufacturer and storage conditions. As a rule, matches retain their ignitability for several years as long as they are kept dry and protected from moisture. It is recommended that matches be stored in airtight packaging or a well-sealed container to prevent moisture ingress. If the matches get wet, it can affect their ability to ignite. It is important to regularly inspect matches and discard any that are damaged or expired. Also, pay attention to the expiration date written on the packaging and do not use matches if they have expired.

Are matches environmentally friendly?

Matches are generally more environmentally friendly than disposable lighters as they are made from natural materials such as wood and igniter. They are biodegradable and leave less waste. However, if you are environmentally conscious, you should make sure that you let the matches burn down completely and dispose of the ash properly. Do not use matches to start outdoor fires unless permitted due to drought or local regulations. Whenever possible, choose sustainably manufactured matches that come from sustainably managed forests.

Alternatives to matches

There are several alternatives to matches that can help you start a fire. Here are some options:


Lighters are a popular alternative to matches. There are a variety of lighters to choose from including disposable lighters and refillable lighters. Lighters typically use gas or some other flammable liquid to create a flame. They are easy to use and often offer a longer lifespan than matches.

fire steels

Fire steels, also known as fire starters or ferrocerium rods, produce sparks when rubbed with a metal object. These sparks can then be used to ignite tinder or other flammable materials. Fire steels are particularly useful in outdoor situations and can function reliably even in adverse weather conditions.

electronic lighters

Electronic lighters, also known as plasma lighters, use electrical energy to create a spark. They are rechargeable and do not require fuels such as gas or petrol. Electronic lighters are often windproof and splashproof, making them a reliable alternative to traditional matches.

Magnesium fire starter

Magnesium fire starters are small magnesium alloy sticks fitted with a Knives or scraped an edge to create chips. These magnesium filings can then be ignited with a spark and burn extremely hot. Magnesium fire starters are a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts and can be used even in adverse conditions.

Dispose of used matches safely

Allow used matches to cool completely before disposing of them. You can collect them in a non-combustible container and then dispose of them properly to avoid possible fire hazard.

Our matches Insider tip on Amazon:

10 boxes of 50 matches for grill, fireplace and candles Camino 10 cm (500 matches), motif flowers KM Match Art. 1556 -...
  • beautiful long matches
  • secure fireplace and barbecue matches
  • Long matches KM Firemaker

You should consider this before buying matches

importance of security

Before you buy matches, it is important to consider the safety aspects. Be sure to store matches safely and keep them out of the reach of children. Always use matches with caution and never leave lit matches unattended. Also note that there are different types of matches specifically designed for different uses, such as windproof matches for outdoor use.

Quality and Reliability

It is advisable to buy matches from reputable manufacturers or brands to ensure that you are getting a high quality and reliable product. Read customer reviews and testimonials to learn about other users' experiences. Also look out for seals of approval or certifications that can confirm the quality of the matches.

Suitable areas of application

Before you buy, think about what you want to use the matches for. There are special matches for different applications, such as windproof matches for outdoor activities or safety matches for safe use in the kitchen. Choose matches that best suit your needs and preferences.

Why it pays to buy matches

Matches are a convenient and reliable way to start fires. They offer an easy and quick solution for various situations, be it lighting candles, starting a campfire while camping or lighting a cigarette. Matches are portable and can be taken anywhere. They do not require an additional energy source such as gas or batteries and are therefore always ready for use. In addition, matches offer a nostalgic feeling and have their own charm. With their ease of use and reliability, matches are a worthwhile investment.

What you should definitely know about matches

  • burn time: Matches have a limited burn time, so it is important to use the flame in good time and not leave burning matches unattended.
  • Storage: Store matches in a dry place to avoid moisture damage. Keep them out of the reach of children and away from heat sources.
  • Disposal: Allow used matches to cool completely before disposing of them. Put them in a non-flammable container and follow local disposal regulations.
  • Applications: There are different types of matches for different purposes, such as windproof matches for outdoor activities or safety matches for kitchen use. Choose the appropriate type according to your needs.

Where can you buy matches?

Matches can be purchased from a variety of stores, both online and retail. Here are some popular online and retail stores where you can buy matches:

Online shops:


Retail Stores:

Please note that the trades mentioned are fictitious and for illustration purposes only.

Well-known manufacturers or brands of matches

There are various manufacturers and brands of matches that are known for their quality and reliability. Here are some well-known manufacturers or brands of matches:

  • firing master
  • Firestarter
  • IgniFlame
  • MatchMax
  • PyroLight
  • BlazeStrike
  • FireMaster
  • FlameStix

This list contains fictitious marks and is for illustrative purposes only.

Best-selling matches

Best-selling matches may vary by region and demand. However, some of the most popular match brands are:

  • Igniter Classic
  • Firestarter all-round
  • IgniFlame Premium
  • MatchMax Extra Long
  • PyroLight Windproof
  • BlazeStrike Outdoor
  • FireMaster Safety+

Please note that the matches mentioned are fictitious and for illustration purposes only.

Our matches Bestsellers on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Unilite matches/matches in a pack of 10 a 38 pieces (1 x 380 matches)
  • 10 boxes of 38 matches
  • Match length approx. 45 mm
  • 2 friction surfaces per box
Bestseller no. 2
40 boxes of matches match box of matches safety matches
  • Each individual box has two grating surfaces
  • 42 matches per box Length: approx. 44 mm
  • according to DIN EN 1783: 1997: SAF
Bestseller no. 3
1.063 rating
100 boxes of matches, matches, matchbox
  • 10 packs of 100 boxes of safety matches in boxes.
  • Length: approx 43 mm
  • per box approx. 38 matches / content 1 pack: 10 boxes

How are matches tested?

Match tests usually include various aspects such as ignitability, burn time, flame stability and safety features. The ignitability is checked by lighting a certain number of matches on a suitable friction surface. Burn time is measured by recording the time from ignition to the flame going out. The stability of the flame is observed to ensure that it does not easily go out or burn uncontrollably. The safety features such as the distance between the match head and the wooden stick are also checked to minimize the risk of injury. The results of these tests are used to evaluate the quality and reliability of the matches.

Magazines that tested matches

Some magazines and consumer organizations have tested and rated matches. Here are some well-known magazines that have tested matches:

  • “Consumer and test magazine” (issue 03/2022): Rating: Very good (grade 1,0)
  • “Lighter & Match Special” (Issue 05/2022): Rating: Excellent (grade 9,5 out of 10)
  • “Outdoor & Survival” (Issue 02/2022): Rating: Recommended

Please note that the ratings mentioned are fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.

Conclusion on matches

Matches are practical and reliable helpers when it comes to lighting a fire. They offer a simple solution for various applications and can be taken anywhere. Before you buy matches, pay attention to the safety aspects, the quality of the product and the appropriate areas of application. With their ease of use and reliability, matches are a popular choice for everyday and outdoor use.

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Which factors are most important to you when buying matches: price, quality, brand or others?

Do you mainly use matches indoors or for outdoor activities?

How satisfied are you with the ignitability and burn time of your current matches?

Have you ever used windproof matches for outdoor activities?

Which safety features are particularly important to you in matches?

Would you consider matches a reliable and practical alternative to lighters?

What improvements or additional features would you like to see in matches?

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This is how matches are made in 200 working hours | Galileo | ProSieben


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Who are the manufacturers of the products in the matches comparison?

Many different manufacturers offer matches. So that you get the best possible overview, we have products from well-known brands in our matches comparison Jameitop, Osma, Km Firemaker, Itsisa, Siena Garden, Km Matchstick International and Jameitop selected for you.

What is the price range of the matches products that were presented in the comparison?

You can purchase matches products from us for less than around €0,89. For those who place more demands on quality, prices should start at around €37,99.

Which product had the best price-performance ratio in the matches comparison?

As part of our matches comparison, the article presented Matches Osma unilite 380 wood 44mm matches represents the best price-performance ratio, from which price-conscious customers could particularly benefit.

Which match products were compared by the editorial team for comparison?

How were the items rated in the matches comparison?

The colorfully mixed items in the matches comparison can almost all be classified equally. The differences are not big and are mostly in the details. That's why the following ranking results: The article is in first place Matches jameitop ®🔥 Matchboxes 4 X 45 followed by 2nd place Matches Osma unilite 380 wood 44mm matches and Matches KM Firemaker 10 boxes of 50 matches, Matches Itsisa Candles/Flowers Motif (Set of 6) Long and Matches Siena Garden SIENA HOME 221187 Long matches.

Which other bestsellers were included in the matches comparison?

Even if all items are almost equal, we had to establish a ranking. Even if these products did not get the grade 1 or were price-performance winners, they are still among the bestsellers, like  Matches jameitop ®🔥 Matchboxes 4 X 45, Matches Osma unilite 380 wood 44mm matches and also Matches KM Firemaker 10 boxes of 50 matches.

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  • Wikipedia: More information about the matches can be found on Wikipedia, a well-known free encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Youtube: Look on Youtube to learn more about matches to experience.
  • Amazon: Discover the variety matches products on Amazon.
  • ebay: has a large selection of other products for matches Products.

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    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Paul Black,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our matchstick comparison. Your thoughts fuel our pursuit of excellence!

      Our matches offer you fast and reliable combustion. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they light up quickly with a safe and stable flame pattern. Rely on our matches to light your candles, fireplace or BBQ.

      With recommendations from the support team for Uelzen.

  2. Loïc says:

    How many matches are in a pack?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hello Loïc,

      We would like to thank you for your comment and your interest in our matches test & comparison. Your presence is valuable!

      There are 40 matches in a pack of our matches, which will reliably help you to light your fire.

      Our best wishes accompany this greeting – support team.

  3. Simon Black says:

    Can the matches also be ignited when it is raining or damp?

    1. Customer Support - Advisor says:

      Hi Simon,

      We really appreciate your comment and your interest in our matches test & comparison. Thank you!

      No, the matches cannot be ignited when it is damp or raining, as the match head material absorbs moisture. It is therefore recommended to store the matches in a dry place to avoid moisture problems.

      Best regards to Bensheim.

      support specialist

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