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Knowing what you are buying: The most important information about garden pond pumps

A pond pump plays an essential role in water quality and ensures an optimal environment in the pond. It pumps the water through a filter system and ensures continuous circulation, removing dirt particles and waste from the pond. A good pond pump should have an adequate flow rate, be quiet, energy efficient and be of high quality. Find out here what types of pond pumps there are, what is important when making your selection and what advantages they offer.
Best recommendation
Pond pump Forever Speed ​​Super ECO filter pump energy saving
Pond pump Pontec PondoMax Eco 5000 stream pump
Pontec PondoMax Eco 2500 pond pump
Pond pump SunSun Bio pond filter CBF-200T filter system complete
Pond pump Oase 51096 filter and stream pump AquaMax Eco
Pond pump AquaForte RD744 filter/ EC-10000 10m³/h
Pond pump AquaForte Filter-/ DM-10.000 Vario S, 34-85W
Pond pump AquaForte RD714 Filter-/ O-Plus 10000, 85W, 10m³/h
Pond pump SunSun CTP-3800 SuperECO filter pump 3600l/h
Pond pump TIP Solar SPS 250/6, LED lighting, 3 W
ModelPond pump Forever Speed ​​Super ECO filter pump energy savingPond pump Pontec PondoMax Eco 5000 stream pumpPontec PondoMax Eco 2500 pond pumpPond pump SunSun Bio pond filter CBF-200T filter system completePond pump Oase 51096 filter and stream pump AquaMax EcoPond pump AquaForte RD744 filter/ EC-10000 10m³/hPond pump AquaForte Filter-/ DM-10.000 Vario S, 34-85WPond pump AquaForte RD714 Filter-/ O-Plus 10000, 85W, 10m³/hPond pump SunSun CTP-3800 SuperECO filter pump 3600l/hPond pump TIP Solar SPS 250/6, LED lighting, 3 W
BrandForever SpeedPontecPontecSunsunOasisaquaforteaquaforteaquaforteSunsunhint
The Best productscoreprice.com1,5Very good!pond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodpond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodpond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodpond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodpond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodpond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,1goodpond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodpond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,3goodpond pump
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,4goodpond pump
input10 watts,60 watts,40 watts,9 watts,60 watts,68 watts,15-85 watts continuously adjustable85 watts,20 watts,3 watts,
suitable for streams
suitable for filters
suitable for water games
protective property
Promotion of coarse dirt
max. delivery head2,0m2,6m2,2m2,0m2,8m5m5,5m5,0m2,8m1,2m
Flow rate (litres per hour)3.000 l5.000 l2.500 l2.300 l5.300 l10.000 l10.000 l10.000 l3.600 l250 l
ArtFilter and stream pumpFilter and stream pumpFilter and stream pumpFilter and stream pumpFilter and stream pumpFilter and stream pumpFilter and stream pumpFilter and stream pumpFilter and stream pumpSolar pond pump
  • corrosion-resistant
  • very economical to run
  • more powerful
  • quiet operation
  • high flow rate - ideal for medium-sized ponds
  • quiet operation
  • very easy to clean pump
  • more powerful
  • operational
  • very economical
  • powerful
  • quiet
  • works very thoroughly
  • High flow rate - ideal for medium-sized ponds
  • with wear-resistant ceramic shaft
  • 10 m cable
  • energy saving
  • suitable for fresh and salt water
  • which reduces consumption by up to 70%.
  • The flow rate and thus the power consumption can be infinitely adjusted
  • suitable for wet and dry installation
  • especially quiet
  • powerful and quiet operation
  • variables
  • LED lighting
  • easy installation
  • additional battery - operation even in weak sunlight and darkness
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The best pond pump in the test & comparison:
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Recommendations for buying pond pumps in 2023
This is how you make the right product choice based on the pond pump comparison mentioned above.

At a glance
  • A pond pump is an electrical device that circulates the water in a pond. This ensures an oxygen supply and impurities are transported away. A pond pump is indispensable, especially in the hotter summer months, to maintain the biological balance in the pond.
  • There are different types of pond pumps such as filter pumps, stream pumps and fountain pumps that can be used in the pond depending on the needs. The performance of a pond pump depends on the size of the pond and should be selected accordingly. A wrong selection can result in the pond being over- or under-supplied.
  • Modern pond pumps have various setting options such as different delivery rates or adjustable filter technology. This makes it easier to adapt to the needs of the pond and can help reduce energy consumption. When installing, care should be taken to ensure that the pump is adequately ventilated to prevent overheating.
pond pump

How to find the best pond pump 

To continue enjoying the koi pond in your garden, a well-functioning pond pump is essential.

In our pond pump Compare we would like to give you some pond pump Recommendations introduce. You can find it in our pond pump Packages many articles with one Great pond pump Price-, performance ratio and a comparison winner.

Your own fish pond in your garden is a real eye-catcher. After filling is of course the proper care essential. Like aquariums, ponds require pumps, filters, pond aerators, and Silt. They supply the fish with oxygen and transport dirt to the filter. Which Types of pond pumps There are and what else you can use to create a garden pond, this pond pump comparison tells you.

Our pond pump recommendation on Amazon:

Forever Speed ​​Super ECO Pond Pump Filter Pump Energy Saving Water Pump Koiteich Stream Pump (3000-12000L / H) 3000L / H ...
  • Brand: Forever Speed, power: 10W, max. Delivery rate: 3000L / H, max. Delivery height: 2,0m, output adapter: 20-25-32mm
  • Long service life and high corrosion resistance thanks to the use of ABS material for housing and high-strength ceramics...
  • Use for full diving simultaneously for fresh water and sea water, suitable for all sea and...


Overview of pond pump types 

First, you should Overview of the different types understand so that you can better assess which pond pump is best for you. We have therefore summarized the most important features for you in the following table. So you can see the different Types assess better and make the right decision quickly.

External pool pump

an external pool pump, also called dry pump, should be installed outside. To protect the Electronics you can place a small pond pump under an inverted pot. A particular advantage is that maintenance and replacement are very easy and can therefore also be carried out by laypersons. They are usually very cheap. When buying, pay attention to a splash guard.

Submersible or submersible pond pump

Submersible pond pumps have watertight housings for direct installation in the garden pond. Also, you need to make sure that the Cables and connecting hoses are long enough for you to connect the device to the power source. The combination of submersible pump, floor drain and pump shaft gives you the opportunity to achieve visually appealing results and to lay cables "invisibly". If you need extra security when laying cables, consider running an oil skimmer embedded in the pool wall over the submersible or submersible pump. In the pond accessories trade you will find solar pond pumps that are operated via modules with solar energy. You can save significant operating costs.

Combination pond pump

The combi pond pump can be installed in and out of the water. This is especially useful when you are unsure about the final design or construction of your pond. The cables are also well protected from rain by the waterproof housing.

Our pond pump favorite on Amazon:

Pontec 50855 PondoMax Eco 5000 - filter and stream pump / energy-efficient pump (60 W) for streams / for filter feeding
  • An all-round talent for every garden pond: the PondoMax Eco 5000 filter and stream pump transports dirt particles up to...
  • Thanks to a delivery capacity of 5000 l/h and a delivery height of max. 2,6 m, it is also able to...
  • Nothing stands in the way of continuous operation of the pump, as an integrated thermal protection prevents the device from overheating


Advantages and disadvantages of different pond pumps 

So that you can get an idea of ​​the advantages and disadvantages of the individual types in advance, we have listed them clearly in the following table. This allows you better identify the right product.

External pool pump advantages & disadvantages


  • Simple installation
  • Favorable


  • Not waterproof


Submersible pump advantages & disadvantages


  • Waterproof
  • Powerful
  • Invisible after installation
  • For outside and inside



  • High price


Combination pool pump advantages & disadvantages


  • Durable,
  • For invisible underwater installation



  • No disadvantage known


Our pond pump bestseller on Amazon:

DiscountBestseller no. 1
Pontec 50851 PondoMax Eco 1500 - filter and stream pump / energy-efficient pump for streams / for filter feeding
  • An all-round talent for every garden pond: the PondoMax Eco 1500 filter and watercourse pump transports dirt particles from...
  • Thanks to a delivery rate of 1500 l/h and a maximum delivery height of 1,9 m (not electronically adjustable), it is...
  • The pump has a nominal voltage of 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz (do not use in swimming ponds!) and has an extremely...
Bestseller no. 2
Forever Speed ​​Aquarium feed pump pond pump submersible pumps water pump fountain pump 1500L/h
  • Power: 25W, max. conveying height: 1,8 m, max. Flow rate: 1500L/h
  • Hose adapter Ø(inch): 3/8”-1/2”-3/4”, cable length: 1,5m, dimensions: 105x64x95mm, weight: 0,6kg
  • The pond pump perfect as a filter pump, watercourse pump.
DiscountBestseller no. 3
Aquarium pump water pump, amphibious pond pump 3000L/H, for pond fountain aquarium rockery, ultra-quiet water pump with filter...
  • 🌊High quality: Our pond pump housing is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is wear-resistant and ...
  • 🌊Removable and clean: This submersible pump can be disassembled without tools, and the disassembly steps are also...
  • 🌊Specifications: This aquarium pump is equipped with 3 nozzles: 19 mm, 22 mm/25 mm, voltage: 220-240 V, the...

Which pond pump is right for you? 

Which pond pump is right for you depends on the type of installation and amount of water and head away. If you want the easiest possible installation, consider using an external product or combination. With the latter, you don't have to worry about possible water splashes, which is why this pond pump set performs particularly well. Professionals, on the other hand, usually prefer to use a submersible pump, as this invisible” can be used. So it's always a good choice if you care about looks the most. If you want to create a stream or waterfall, you should buy a special flow pump. This is particularly powerful and designed for differences in altitude. The flow rate indicates how many liters the supplied garden pond pump can circulate in one minute (l/min) or one hour (l/h). For example, a 10.000 lh pond pump is sufficient for a 20 m³ pond, while you can only create a small 3.000 m³ pond with a 6 lh pond pump. Particularly practical, if the pond pump is adjustable, as you can change it according to the number of fish. You can also use a remote control to do this.


They should be top quality Koi food only buy in pet shops. This is well tolerated, contains many minerals and does not burden ponds like cheap food.

How long should the pond pump run? 

If you have Koi in your Garden should have the pond pump and the pond filter run around the clock. A comparison of the use of pond pumps showed a significant increase in contamination in the filter of a pond pump after just two hours. When switched on again, pollutants are released into the water that have a negative effect on the health of the fish. you want one pond pump Bestsellers Buy item then pay attention to quality pond pump Reviews in the customer reviews.

To save money consider using an energy efficient pool pump or a solar pool pump. When creating a pond, the pond pump solar module almost invisible in a sunny spot .

Are there pond pumps for waterfalls? 

There are special flow pumps and waterfall pumps. the latter is particularly powerful and marked as such. We recommend using the Oase Pond Pump or Eco Pond Pump on waterfalls.

When does the pond pump have to be switched off? 

Since the pond pump freezes in winter, you should remove it before the first frost and store in the house. A pond pump should always be stored moist, for example in a bucket of water.

Can you order a pond pump on eBay?  

Pond filter pumps can be bought online and on site. Comparing pond pumps is easy and straightforward, especially on platforms like eBay. Note, however, that used cheap pond pumps often perform less well than new products. You know the saying: Who cheap pond pump Product buys, buys twice. With a pond pump Price Comparison you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff.

pond pump

Most popular pond pump brands and manufacturers

While Oase pond pumps and Osaga pumps as well as Eco pond pumps are particularly popular with hobby gardeners and professional gardeners are very popular, you will find many brands. The list below should give you an idea of ​​which manufacturers make the best pond pumps to offer:

Pond pumps are made by different brands.

  • Hot 
  • Al-KO 
  • Alita 
  • aqua garden 
  • Eden 
  • south polar 
  • Grotech 
  • Van Gerven 
  • tripod 
  • Oasis 
  • Pontec 
  • Wetelux 
  • sealey 
  • Conrad 
  • ebara 
  • Berlan 
  • Uvox 

You can do it particularly cheaply pond pump buy online.

Useful pond accessories

In addition to the pump, other items are useful for your pond. A powerful pond filter is a must. This filters dirt out of the water and ensures that your fish feel comfortable. Especially with sensitive koi a good pond filter is not missing. The right pond plants can also help with cleaning. Rush, porcupine and water iris are beautiful, non-toxic and prevent algae growth. Reeds are also among the plants that purify water, however due to rapid growth you should not use it if you have a small pond. A good pond liner prevents water from seeping into the ground. This should be tear-resistant and at least 3 mm thick. When measuring, make sure that the pool liner protrudes approx. 30 cm over the edge in order to completely seal the water point. Excess material can be covered with stones and plants. Pond liners must after approx. two to three years of use be replaced.

If you have your Garden If you want to give your pond a special look, beautiful pond lighting is a must. This can be purchased in the form of lanterns and path lights. A true oasis.

If the Stiftung Warentest one pond pump Test report written and one pond pump You can read about the test winner on the Stiftung Warentest website. Who could except Stiftung Warentest pond pump Test selection?

In addition to the Stiftung Warentest, which tests products and services, there are only a few independent testing institutes, apart from TÜV or VDE Global Services. The consumer magazine Öko-Test also evaluates products, but focuses more on environmental criteria, genetic engineering and sustainability. On the other hand, a Stiftung Warentest offers pond pump Product test an article-related overview of the utility and practical value and environmental compatibility.

Our pond pump insider tip on Amazon:

OASE 51096 filter and stream pump AquaMax Eco Classic 5500, 5300 l/h flow rate, energy-saving stream pump, pond pump, ...
634 rating
OASE 51096 filter and stream pump AquaMax Eco Classic 5500, 5300 l/h flow rate, energy-saving stream pump, pond pump, ...
  • The entry-level class among filter and watercourse pumps: With a capacity of 5300 l/h, the AquaMax Eco 5500...
  • With a power consumption of only 60 watts, it transports dirt particles up to 8 mm in size.
  • Thanks to the innovative "Environmental Function Control" (EFC by OASE), the pumps switch themselves off if they run dry or are blocked...



If you want to buy a pond pump, you should make sure that it is waterproof so that it can be used on the pond itself. Usually a 12V pond pump is required, which is very energy efficient. The solar pond pump is gentle on your wallet and the environment, since there are no batteries or power connections to buy. Pond pumps are available from the manufacturers Pontec, Pondomax, as well as Oase and Eco. Good pond filter systems as well as pond plants and lighting should not be missing as additional accessories optical highlights and to create a good home for koi carp and co.

Youtube video recommendation for the pond pump test & comparison:

Types of pond pumps - which ones are there?


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Which manufacturers supply the best-selling products in the pond pump comparison?

So that you have the best possible selection of pond pump bestsellers, you can find out which manufacturers and brands are behind them in our pond pump comparison. Here you will find such successful companies as: Forever Speed, Pontec, Pontec, Sunsun, Oasis, aquaforte, aquaforte, aquaforte, Sunsun and hint

What is the price range of the pond pump products that were presented in the comparison?

You can purchase pond pump products from us for less than approximately €46,99. For those who place more demands on quality, prices should start at around €218,95.

Which product had the best price-performance ratio in the pond pump comparison?

Our thrifty customers were able to win in our pond pump comparison as the price-performance winner, as the price and performance are in a favorable relationship.

How were the items rated in the pond pump comparison?

The colorfully mixed items in the pond pump comparison can almost all be classified equally. The differences are not big and are mostly in the details. That's why the following ranking results: The article is in first place Pond pump Forever Speed ​​Super ECO filter pump energy saving followed by 2nd place Pond pump Pontec PondoMax Eco 5000 stream pump and Pontec PondoMax Eco 2500 pond pump, Pond pump SunSun Bio pond filter CBF-200T filter system complete and Pond pump Oase 51096 filter and stream pump AquaMax Eco.

Which pond pump products with top ratings were compared?

In addition to our comparison winner in 1st place and the one with the best price-performance ratio, we found that these top products like Pond pump Forever Speed ​​Super ECO filter pump energy saving, Pond pump Pontec PondoMax Eco 5000 stream pump or Pontec PondoMax Eco 2500 pond pump also among the best.

Further links and sources too pond pump

  • Wikipedia: More information about the pond pump can be found on Wikipedia, a well-known free encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Youtube: Look on Youtube to learn more about pond pump to experience.
  • Amazon: Discover the variety pond pump products on Amazon.
  • ebay: has a large selection of other products for pond pump Products.

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      The volume of the pond pump depends on various factors, such as the power and type of pump. However, modern pond pumps are usually designed to work quietly and not interfere with the enjoyment of your garden. There are also special quiet models on the market that are particularly suitable for use in residential areas.

      Greetings from the support team to Ribnitz-Damgarten.

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      Yes, the pond pump has an effective dirt particle filter. This filter traps larger dirt particles to prevent them from clogging the pump. This keeps the water in the pond clear and your fish stay healthy.

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    How strong is the performance of the pond pump?

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      Best regards to Hadamar.

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