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Top undercounter extractor hoods in comparison: Find out which one is best for you

Buying recommendation for 2023: Discover your ideal underbody hood with our expert guide

Undermount cooker hood: The undermount cooker hood is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a discreet and effective solution to their kitchen ventilation. With its slim design, the cooker hood fits perfectly under your kitchen cabinets and offers powerful suction that effectively removes the steam and odors. Easy to install and use, it has a variety of features including a timer mode and different suction levels. If you need a discreet and effective solution for your kitchen ventilation, the undermount cooker hood is an excellent choice.
Best recommendation
Undercounter cooker hood CIARRA CBCB6903, 60cm installation
Substructure cooker hood Bosch Hausgeräte DUL62FA51
Undermount extractor hood AEG DPB5650M flat screen
Substructure extractor hood Klarstein Contempo, width: 60 cm
Undermount extractor hood AEG DPB2621S flat screen
Substructure cooker hood Neff D60LAA0N1, N30, 60cm
Model Undercounter cooker hood CIARRA CBCB6903, 60cm installation Substructure cooker hood Bosch Hausgeräte DUL62FA51 Undermount extractor hood AEG DPB5650M flat screen Substructure extractor hood Klarstein Contempo, width: 60 cm Undermount extractor hood AEG DPB2621S flat screen Substructure cooker hood Neff D60LAA0N1, N30, 60cm
Brand ciarra Bosch home appliances Aeg Klarstein Aeg Neff
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!Undermount cooker hood
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodUndermount cooker hood
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodUndermount cooker hood
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,8goodUndermount cooker hood
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodUndermount cooker hood
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodUndermount cooker hood
Air throughput exhaust mode 220 m³ / h 250 m³ / h 537 m³ / h 175 m³ / h 280 m³ / h 230 m³ / h
circulating air exhaust air Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes
power levels 3 levels 3 levels 4 levels 3 levels 3 levels 3 levels
easy construction rather complex rather complex rather complex rather complex quick and easy costly
max. noise emission 60 dB 68 dB 63 dB 70 dB 72 dB 71 dB
dimensionsH 8 x 60 x 50 cm 15 x 60 x 48,2 cm 39,5 x 59,8 x 28,0 cm 10 x 60 x 48 cm 17,9 x 59,8 x 28,4 cm 15 x 60 x 48,2 cm
Filter incl. filter art
  • Wall and cabinet mounting possible
  • particularly flat design
  • especially quiet
  • easy-to-clean stainless steel surface
  • Wall and cabinet mounting possible
  • Particularly good air throughput in exhaust mode
  • especially quiet
  • Wall and cabinet mounting possible
  • also available in white
  • Aluminum grease filter is dishwasher safe
  • Good air flow in recirculation mode
  • easy-to-clean stainless steel surface.
  • Can be mounted on the wall or in a closet
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best substructure extractor hood in the test & comparison:
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Undermount Range Hood Buying Recommendations in 2024: Ultimate Guide and Current Trends
This is how you can make the right product choice based on the undercounter extractor hood comparison mentioned above.

At a glance
  • The built-under extractor hood is an ideal solution for kitchens without enough space for a conventional hood. It is mounted directly below the wall cabinet and ensures effective extraction of cooking vapors and odours. Most models have multiple power levels and an optional air recirculation system for air purification. Turnkey search terms are undermount cooker hood, kitchen ventilation, exhaust hood.
  • The undermount range hood is an affordable and space-saving alternative to over-the-stove range hoods. It is available in different sizes and designs to integrate seamlessly into the existing kitchen interior. Some models have integrated lighting to optimally illuminate the cooking surface. Turnkey search terms are extractor hood undermount, kitchen appliances, exhaust hood.
  • Installing an undermount cooker hood does not require any complicated remodeling work in the kitchen and can be done quickly and easily. Most models are also quiet and energy efficient, contributing to a comfortable cooking environment. Filters can be easily replaced and cleaned to maintain suction effectiveness. Turnkey search terms are cooker hood, kitchen remodel, kitchen fixtures.
Undermount cooker hood

Effective under-counter extractor hood for a clean and odor-free kitchen

When it comes to efficiently counteracting unpleasant kitchen odors, one is effective Undermount cooker hood indispensable. This powerful hood sucks in the resulting steam and fat, either through Exhaust air or recirculated air. There are a variety of models with different operating modes and features that enable optimal selection.


  • Undercounter extractor hoods ensure efficient elimination of kitchen odors and steam.
  • They are available in different operating modes, such as Exhaust air or recirculated air.
  • Different Models offer a wide range of features and functions.
  • The compact size of the undercounter extractor hoods allows for space-saving installation under wall cabinets.
  • The hoods fit seamlessly into the kitchen design and do not affect the storage space in the upper cabinets.

Undermount cooker hood can you cuisine keep clean and odor-free. Read on to find out more about the must-have benefits, different operating modes, important purchasing criteria and the best Models to find out on the market.

Amazon’s undercounter extractor hood: Efficient air purification for a fresh kitchen!

CIARRA CBCB6903 Undercounter extractor hood 60cm recirculation hood installation 3 power levels Exhaust air recirculation Integrated base cabinet...
  • MODERN LOOK: This black matt sandblasted extractor hood is equipped with an ultra-slim panel to protect against fingerprints, ...
  • SPACE-SAVING UNDERCONSTRUCTION HOOD: Extremely space-saving thanks to the ultra-slim design, suitable for small condominiums and ...
  • EXHAUST AND RECIRCULATED AIR OPERATION: This extractor hood can be ventilated at the top, for recirculated air operation with CBCF001 carbon filter...

Why an extractor hood is essential in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where we prepare and enjoy delicious meals. But cooking also produces unpleasant smells and fumes

Undermount cooker hood

Space-saving solution: The undercounter extractor hood can be installed under wall cabinets to save space.

can quickly spread throughout the room. One Hood is therefore essential to effectively eliminate these odors and ensure a clean and odor-free kitchen.

The Hood sucks the resulting one cooking fumes and not only removes odors, but also grease and other particles. This leaves it Fresh air in the kitchen and pleasant, while unpleasant odors are removed to the outside. Depending on your needs, one can Hood either in exhaust air operation or by recirculation mode be used.

At the  exhaust air operation The resulting haze is led outside via a duct, while recirculation mode a Activated carbon filter cleans the fumes and releases the clean air back into the kitchen. Both operating modes have their advantages and can be individually adapted to your needs.

The advantages of an undercounter extractor hood

An Undermount cooker hood offers numerous advantages. she is save space and can be mounted under a wall cabinet, which is particularly practical in small kitchens. Thanks to its compact size, it does not affect the storage space in the upper cabinets. In addition, an undercounter extractor hood fits seamlessly into the kitchen design and is therefore inconspicuous.

With an undercounter extractor hood, unpleasant odors and steam can be efficiently eliminated. It sucks in the resulting steam and fat, either through exhaust air or circulating air. This keeps the air in the kitchen fresh and free of cooking smells. An undercounter extractor hood is therefore essential to ensure a clean and odor-free kitchen.

Space-saving and unobtrusive

One of the main advantages of an undercounter extractor hood is its space-saving design. It can be mounted directly under a wall cabinet, meaning it does not take up any additional space. This is particularly beneficial in small kitchens where every inch of storage space is important. In addition, an undercounter extractor hood fits seamlessly into the kitchen design and is barely visible. This means the focus remains on the kitchen equipment and the extractor hood visually fades into the background.

Overall, an undercounter extractor hood offers a practical and unobtrusive solution to eliminate unpleasant odors and steam in the kitchen. With its space-saving design and seamless integration into the kitchen design, it is a perfect choice for maintaining a clean and odor-free kitchen.

Different operating modes of undercounter extractor hoods

Undercounter extractor hoods offer the option of choosing between two different operating modes: exhaust air operation and recirculation mode. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages and can be selected depending on individual needs.

Exhaust air operation is the traditional one operating mode from Hoods. The resulting haze and odors are removed to the outside through a channel. This ensures a effective and fast Elimination of cooking fumes. However, exhaust operation requires an appropriate installation with an exhaust duct that runs through the wall or roof. In some cases this may involve additional costs.

The recirculation mode, on the other hand, cleans the resulting haze and odors using an activated carbon filter and releases the cleaned air back into the kitchen. This operating mode offers the advantage that no exhaust duct is required, which simplifies installation and makes it more flexible. However, recirculation mode is less effective than exhaust mode and cannot completely eliminate all odors and fumes.

Advantages and disadvantages of exhaust air operation:

  • + Effective elimination of steam and odors
  • + Quick ventilation of the kitchen
  • + No odor outside the kitchen
  • – Requires exhaust duct installation
  • – Additional costs for installation

Advantages and disadvantages of recirculation mode:

  • + Easy installation without exhaust duct
  • + More flexible in the placement of the extractor hood
  • – Less effective removal of steam and odors
  • – Activated carbon filter must be cleaned or replaced regularly
  • – Cannot completely remove all odors and fumes

The choice between exhaust air mode and recirculation mode depends on individual preferences and the conditions of the kitchen. If an installation with an exhaust air duct is possible and effective ventilation is desired, exhaust mode is the best choice. However, if simple installation and flexibility in the placement of the extractor hood are more important, recirculation mode may be the right solution. In any case, it is important to choose the right one operating mode to choose according to your own needs to ensure an effective and satisfactory Performance the undercounter extractor hood.

Discover the performance of Amazon's undercounter extractor hood: clean air without compromise!

Important criteria when buying an undercounter extractor hood

There are a few important criteria to consider when buying an undercounter extractor hood. These factors will help choose the right model according to individual needs:

  1. Operating mode: One decision that needs to be made is the choice between exhaust or recirculation mode. Exhaust air mode removes the haze to the outside, while recirculation mode takes the haze through Filter cleans and releases the cleaned air back into the kitchen.
  2. Power: The Performance of an undercounter extractor hood is measured in cubic meters per hour. It is important to have a hood with sufficient Performance to efficiently remove steam and odors from the kitchen.
  3. Volume: The volume An extractor hood can be an important factor, especially for people who prefer a quiet kitchen environment. It is advisable to choose a model that quiet is in operation.
  4. Filter: The type and number of Filter in an undercounter extractor hood play a role in purifying the air. Activated carbon filter and grease filter are common options to effectively remove steam and grease particles.
  5. Lighting: The Lighting in a range hood is an additional feature that can improve visibility while cooking. LED bulbs are energy efficient and provide bright light.

By taking these important criteria into account when purchasing an undercounter cooker hood, you can Find modelthat meets your needs and ensures a clean and odor-free kitchen.

Top 10 undercounter extractor hoods in comparison

Below we present you the top 10 under-counter extractor hoods Comparison before. We have different ones Models in terms of their features, performance and volume rated. The order of cooker hoods in this list is based on customer reviews and expert judgment.

1. Midea UMS7984X

The Midea UMS7984X is a powerful undercounter extractor hood with a high suction and quiet operation. She has three power levels and is easy to use. Customers praise this model for its good quality and easy installation.

2. Bosch DUL63CC20 Series 4

The Bosch DUL63CC20 Series 4 is a high quality undercounter extractor hood with a powerful motor and a good suction. It has a dishwasher safe Metal grease filter and easy operation. Customers appreciate this model for its good quality and reliable performance.


The top 10 models presented offer a good selection of powerful and high-quality undercounter extractor hoods for every kitchen. They differ in their features, performance and volume, so there is a suitable model for every need. When choosing an undercounter extractor hood, it is important to consider individual requirements and different models compare them with each other to make the best choice.

Space-saving and powerful: Amazon’s under-counter extractor hood for effective odor control!

Klarstein Contempo - under-unit hood, extractor hood, exhaust air/recirculation air, width: 60 cm, max. exhaust air output: 175 m³/h, installation: wall...
  • COMPACT DIMENSIONS: The compact one for the small kitchen: With the Klarstein Contempo extractor hood you can...
  • SPACE-SAVING: The Klarstein Contempo extractor hood fits ideally on the wall above cooking surfaces in the usual...
  • 3 POWER LEVELS: The exhaust hood can be operated in 3 power levels for different cooking activities.

Undercounter extractor hood: Comfee CHU 3.6F17BB

The Comfee CHU 3.6F17BB is an effective undercounter extractor hood with a strong suction and three power levels. she got

Undermount cooker hood

Easy installation and operation: The under-counter extractor hood is easy to assemble and easy to use.

designed to efficiently remove unpleasant odors and steam from your kitchen. With their powerful Motor It reliably sucks in the resulting steam and fat, so that your kitchen always remains clean and odor-free.

One of the outstanding features of Comfee CHU 3.6F17BB is their low volume. Even at higher ones power levels It works almost silently, so you can enjoy your cooking process in a relaxed manner without being disturbed by loud noises.

This undercounter extractor hood offers you three power levels, allowing you to adapt the suction power to your individual needs. You can choose between low, medium and high power settings depending on how intensely you cook and how much steam and odors you want to eliminate.

Undercounter extractor hood: Siemens LC67KHM60 iQ300

The Siemens LC67KHM60 iQ300 is a high-quality under-counter extractor hood with a practical intensive speed and different operating modes. With this extractor hood you can effectively remove odors from your kitchen and enjoy a pleasant cooking experience.

The specialty of the Siemens LC67KHM60 iQ300 is her intensive speed, which provides additional power when needed. This also allows you to intensive cooking causes unpleasant odors quickly and remove efficiently. In addition, you can choose between exhaust air and recirculation mode, depending on your individual needs and the existing kitchen structure.

This undercounter extractor hood also features a grease filter, which effectively filters fat from the air. The Filter is easily removable and dishwasher safe so you can clean it easily. This ensures optimal performance and long-lasting operation of the extractor hood.

Undercounter cooker hood: Ciarra CBCS6903

The ciarra CBCS6903 is a low-noise under-counter extractor hood that is characterized by its good suction power. With several adjustable power levels, it is flexible adaptable to individual needs.  quiet The way it works makes it possible extractor Easy to use even while cooking, without any annoying noises.

In addition, the Sierra CBCS6903 about an efficient Lighting, which ensures optimal illumination of the cooking surface. This means you always have an overview of your food and can prepare it precisely. The under-counter extractor hood is save space and fits harmoniously into any kitchen environment, especially in smaller kitchens where every centimeter counts.

Customers appreciate the ease of use and good quality Sierra CBCS6903. It is a reliable choice if you are looking for a powerful, quiet and space-saving undercounter cooker hood that gives you a pleasant cooking experience.

Undercounter extractor hood: Neff D49ML54X1

The Neff D49ML54X1 is a high-quality under-counter extractor hood with a practical Flachschirmhaube and an automatic fan run-on. It offers an efficient and powerful solution for eliminating steam and odors in the kitchen. The Flachschirmhaube fits perfectly under a wall cabinet and blends seamlessly into the kitchen design.

A special function of the Neff D49ML54X1 is the automatic fan run-on. After cooking, the fan can continue to run for a period of time to effectively remove any remaining fumes and odors. This means the air in the kitchen is always kept fresh and odor-free.

The undercounter extractor hood is equipped with dishwasher-safe metal grease filters that make it easy to clean. The filters efficiently capture grease and other particles, ensuring good air quality in the kitchen. With the Neff D49ML54X1 You can rely on your kitchen to stay fresh and clean at all times.

Stylish design for modern kitchens: Amazon’s undercounter extractor hood as an aesthetic highlight!

AEG DPB2621S flat screen extractor hood / exhaust air or recirculated air / 60cm / silver / max. 120 m³/h / min. 68 - max. 72 dB(A) / D /...
  • Unobtrusive built-in design - the flat screen hood is installed in the upper cabinet above the hob. She can cook...
  • LED lighting - always optimal visibility. Durable and energy efficient
  • Scope of delivery: 2 aluminum grease filters

Undercounter extractor hood: Respecta CH88090 WA+

The Respect a CH88090 WA+ is a quiet Under-counter extractor hood that is in 60 or 90 centimeters wide is available. With its modern and

Undermount cooker hood

Stylish design: The undercounter extractor hood fits seamlessly into the overall look of your kitchen.

elegant design it fits perfectly into any kitchen. Thanks to her quiet operation Doesn't bother you while preparing your favorite dishes. It also has a Touch control panel, which enables simple and convenient operation.

The Respecta CH88090 WA+ not only offers powerful extraction of steam and odors, but also efficient Lighting the cooking surface. This means you always have a good view of what you are cooking. With its width of 60 or 90 centimeters, the extractor hood can be optimally adjusted to the size of your kitchen. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a quiet and powerful under-counter extractor hood.

Further highlights of the Respekta CH88090 WA+:

  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Three power levels
  • Dishwasher safe grease filter

Whether cooking delicious dishes or... roast meat of crispy foods that Respecta CH88090 WA+ ensures a clean and odor-free kitchen. With its quiet operation and modern design, it is the perfect addition to your kitchen equipment.

Undercounter extractor hood: Firegas ESF23A360AC

The Firegas ESF23A360AC is a quiet undercounter extractor hood that stands out for its efficient performance. With its quiet operation, it ensures that the background noise in the kitchen is reduced and you can remain undisturbed while cooking.

Another advantage of this extractor hood is the multi-layer filters that ensure effective air purification. This Filters remove grease and other particles reliable, so that the air in your kitchen remains clean and odor-free.

The Firegas ESF23A360AC comes with detailed installation instructions supplied to help you easily install the extractor hood in your kitchen. This means that installation is no problem even for less experienced DIY enthusiasts.

Under-counter extractor hood: Klarstein Victoria 60

The Klarstein Victoria 60 is an impressive under-counter extractor hood that with its Retro design and their functional features. The classic design fits seamlessly into any kitchen and gives it a nostalgic charm.

A special Highlight for Klarstein Victoria 60 are the practical ones railingswhere you can easily hang your kitchen utensils. This means you always have your most important cooking tools close at hand while saving counter space.

In addition to its attractive design, the Klarstein Victoria 60 also efficient lighting that gives you an optimal view of the Stove and the cooking surface allows. So you don't miss any details when preparing your favorite dishes.

The Klarstein Victoria 60 is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an under-counter extractor hood with retro flair and practical functions. With its first-class design, railings and efficient lighting, it is not only an eye-catcher in your kitchen, but also a reliable helper in eliminating steam and odors.

Quiet and efficient: Amazon’s undercounter extractor hood for a pleasant cooking environment!

Neff D60LAA0N1 base hood N30 / 60cm / exhaust air or recirculation / energy efficiency D / stainless steel
  • The NEFF extractor hood impresses with its flat design in a modern shape. The under-unit hood can be attached to the wall,...
  • Fleece filter: The practical fleece filter removes grease and other solids, such as: B. Dust particles...
  • LED light: The built-in kitchen extractor ensures good illumination when...


In summary, we can say that undercounter extractor hoods are an effective solution to eliminate unpleasant odors and steam in the kitchen. They are save space and inconspicuous, which makes them ideal for small kitchens. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose between exhaust air or recirculation mode. The variety of models makes it possible to choose the right extractor hood according to your own needs.

The top 10 models presented offer a good selection of powerful and high-quality undercounter extractor hoods for every kitchen. Customer reviews and expert reviews were taken into account to create this list. When buying an undercounter extractor hood, it is important to pay attention to criteria such as operating mode, power, volume, filter and lighting in order to make the optimal choice.

If she Comfee CHU 3.6F17BB with their strong suction power Siemens LC67KHM60 iQ300 with their practicality intensive speed or the Ciarra CBCS6903 with its low-noise function – there is an extractor hood to suit every taste and need. A good undercounter extractor hood not only ensures a clean and odor-free kitchen, but also contributes to a pleasant cooking experience. Invest in an undercounter extractor hood and benefit from the many advantages it offers.


Why is an undercounter extractor hood important in the kitchen?

An undercounter extractor hood is essential for effectively eliminating unpleasant odors and steam in the kitchen.

What are the advantages of an undercounter extractor hood?

An undercounter extractor hood saves space, inconspicuous and fits seamlessly into the kitchen design.

What operating modes are there for undercounter extractor hoods?

Under-counter extractor hoods can be used in exhaust air mode or recirculation mode.

What criteria should I consider when buying an undercounter extractor hood?

Important criteria when buying an undercounter extractor hood are the operating mode, power, volume, type and number of filters as well as the lighting.

Which top 10 undercounter extractor hoods are there in comparison?

Comfee CHU 3.6F17BB, Siemens LC67KHM60 iQ300, Ciarra CBCS6903, Neff D49ML54X1, Respecta CH88090 WA+, Firegas ESF23A360AC, Klarstein Victoria 60.

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