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Showers & Accessories: A daily ritual in perfection

For many people, showering is much more than just a daily necessity. It is a ritual designed to refresh, relax or simply have a moment for yourself. The right accessories can significantly improve the showering experience while making the bathroom area functional and aesthetic.

bath screen

A pair of bath screen allows you to convert the bathtub into a shower. This is particularly useful for bathrooms with limited space, as it allows you to have both options – bathing and showering – in one.

floor shower

Floor showers are modern, minimalist and offer a luxurious shower experience. They are installed at ground level, which enables barrier-free access.

shower wiper

The shower wiper is an essential accessory for every bathroom. It makes it possible to quickly and efficiently remove water residue from glass or tile surfaces, thereby preventing limescale deposits and water stains.

shower cap

An shower cap protects the hair from water and moisture. It's ideal for days when you don't want to wash your hair but still want to take a shower.

glass shower screen

An glass shower screen gives the bathroom a modern and open look. It separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom and prevents water from splashing out.

Redefine the shower experience

With the right accessories, your daily shower becomes a special experience. Functionality and design go hand in hand to provide comfort, safety and style. It's worth investing in high-quality products that get the most out of the bathroom while meeting your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a quick, refreshing shower in the morning or a long, relaxing shower in the evening - with the right products every moment will be perfect.