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Fuse: A fuse is an essential tool for camping and outdoor activities. It is used to light campfires, grills and stoves. But which fuse is the best? There are many different models on the market that vary in quality and functionality. In our comparison, we have compared the most popular fuses and show you which are the most effective.
Best recommendation
Fuse WANO Schwarzpulver GmbH Fuse wire red
Price-performance winner
Detonating cord profipyro.de Tapematch, Sticky Match, detonating tape
Fuse profipyro.de 6cm, ignition wire * Visco * 100 pieces
Fuse WANO Schwarzpulver GmbH Ignition wire yellow 8m
Fuse rocket model building Klima GmbH ignition tape 15m
Fuse profipyro.de Roll 5m Green Visco ~2,5mm
Fuse vama 5m roll 90 sec./meter Green Visco 2,5mm
Model Fuse WANO Schwarzpulver GmbH Fuse wire red Detonating cord profipyro.de Tapematch, Sticky Match, detonating tape Fuse profipyro.de 6cm, ignition wire * Visco * 100 pieces Fuse WANO Schwarzpulver GmbH Ignition wire yellow 8m Fuse rocket model building Klima GmbH ignition tape 15m Fuse profipyro.de Roll 5m Green Visco ~2,5mm Fuse vama 5m roll 90 sec./meter Green Visco 2,5mm
Brand Wano Black Powder Ltd Profipyro.de Profipyro.de Wano Black Powder Ltd Rocket model building Klima Gmbh Profipyro.de Vama
The Best Suggestionsscoreprice.com1,5Very good!fuse
Price-value for moneyscoreprice.com2,1goodfuse
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,6goodfuse
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,7goodfuse
TOP Productsscoreprice.com1,9goodfuse
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,0goodfuse
TOP Productsscoreprice.com2,2goodfuse
Long burning time seconds per meter 8-12s/m 0,1-0,15s/m 50 s / m 18-28s/m 0,3 s / m 30 s / m 90-100s/m
Fuse length Price per meter 8 m €2,11 per meter 10 m €1,15 per meter 100 x 0,06 m €2,15 per meter 8 m €1,99 per meter 15 m €1,26 per meter 10 m €1,20 per meter 5 m €1,60 per meter
Other variants save save 25x0,06m 50x0,06m 250x0,06m 500x0,06m save save 100 m, 70 s/m burn time 2 x 5m 100m, 3mm thick
fuse type ignition wire ignition band Visco ignition wire ignition band Visco Visco
Contiguous ring
Color Red Black Green Yellow Black Green Green
  • very long fuse
  • particularly easy to connect
  • very long fuse
  • ideal for simultaneous effects
  • extra thick 3mm
  • extra safe due to long burn time
  • pre-cut fuse
  • available in different versions
  • very long fuse
  • particularly easy to connect
  • ideal for sync effects
  • extra long fuse
  • available in different sizes
  • very long fuses
  • very thick 2
  • 5 mm
  • extra safe due to long burn time
  • available in different versions
to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

The best fuse in the test & comparison:
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Top Guide for Buyers: Important Buying Tips and Recommendations for Ignition Cord – Your Ultimate Checklist

At a glance
  • Fuse is a pyrotechnic device, usually consisting of a cotton string filled with combustible material. This cord is used to ignite fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices.
  • The choice of detonating cord depends on various factors, such as the type of firework, the length of time it takes to ignite, or the distance. The detonating cord can also come in different lengths and diameters to meet different needs.
  • However, it is very important to handle fuses safely to avoid injuries and accidents. For this reason, special safety regulations governing the use of detonating cords must be observed in many countries. It is also very important to buy quality fuses from reputable suppliers to ensure smooth operation and safety of use.

Fuse – The ultimate spark for unforgettable moments

The fuse is an indispensable part of fireworks, pyrotechnics and firecrackers. With your help it will be Feuerwerk ignited and ensures spectacular and unforgettable moments. It is particularly popular on New Year's Eve, but it is also used for camping, outdoors and survival activities. In addition, it can fuse for self-defense and as Hobby can be used for crafting. In this article we will introduce you to the different uses and safety measures surrounding it fuse .


  • The fuse plays a crucial role in fireworks and pyrotechnics.
  • It ensures spectacular moments and unforgettable moments.
  • The fuse is not only used on New Year's Eve, but also when camping, outdoors and in survival activities.
  • It can also be used for self-defense purposes and as Hobby can be used for crafting.
  • It is important to follow safety measures when handling the fuse to avoid accidents.

The variety of types of fireworks

Feuerwerk is a fascinating way to light up the sky and create spectacular moments. With the right fuse, different types of fireworks can be ignited to create breathtaking Light games to create. Here we present you the variety of Types of fireworks which can be ignited with a fuse.


Rockets are probably the most well-known and popular type of fireworks. They are ignited with a fuse and then rise into the sky before creating spectacular effects. Rockets come in different sizes and colors, from single rockets to multi-story ones Batteries, which can fire a variety of shots.


Firecrackers are famous for their loud bang. Ignited with a fuse, they offer an explosive experience. From small firecrackers to large firecrackers, there are a variety of options for lighting up the sky with a loud bang.

Smoke and Bengal fireworks

For special visual effects you can Smoke and Bengal fireworks be used. They create intense Colors and create a unique atmosphere. Smoke and Bengal fireworks are particularly popular for certain To emphasize colors or moods, for example at sporting events or special events.

With the diversity of Types of fireworks and a suitable fuse you can unforgettable moments create and transform the sky into a veritable sea of ​​lights.

New rockets for spectacular light displays

When it comes to fireworks, rockets are a popular choice for filling the sky with spectacular displays of lights. There are a variety of new rockets on the market that offer you breathtaking effects.

Whether in vivid colors such as gold, silver or in bright colorful tones, rockets are available in different finishes to personalize your fireworks show. You can fire individual rockets or combine them into impressive combinations to create a true fireworks display in the sky.

The pyrotechnics industry is constantly evolving and bringing new products on a regular basis new rockets on the market. These new products offer you the opportunity to... Light games to create in a way never before possible and to delight your audience. Whether you are an experienced pyrotechnician or a beginner, the new rockets allow you to unforgettable moments to accomplish.

Innovative rockets for impressive effects

  • 360° Rockets: These rockets create spectacular all-round effects in the sky and offer an impressive visual experience.
  • Fragmentation Missiles: This type of missile produces an impressive fragmentation effect, lighting up the sky with twinkling stars.
  • Chrysanthemum Rockets: These rockets create large, lush chrysanthemum-like effects that illuminate the sky with vibrant colors.

Discover the latest rockets on the market and be inspired by the diverse effects and designs. Create spectacular ones Light games and take care of it unforgettable moments at your fireworks events.

New firecrackers for loud fun

In the Feuerwerk Loud bangers are simply part of it. They give many people the ultimate kick and bring a special atmosphere into the air. Therefore, constantly new firecrackers brought to the market, which provide loud fun with their high explosive power and impressive volume. Whether individual firecrackers or firecrackers in combination with other fireworks - the selection of new ones Products is diverse and leaves nothing to be desired.

“A loud bang can make the fireworks experience even more intense,” says Peter Müller, pyrotechnician and fireworks expert. “Manufacturers are constantly working on new firecrackers to develop that deliver a special 'oomph'. They attach great importance to this Safety and quality so that viewers can enjoy an unforgettable experience.”

From traditional firecrackers to modern firecrackers with electronic ignition - the selection of new firecrackers is huge. Different sizes, shapes and colors are offered to suit individual preferences. Whether for New Year's Eve, birthdays or other occasions, the new firecrackers ensure loud fun and make every fireworks display a special event.

Smoke and Bengal fireworks for special effects

Fireworks are known not only for their loud bangs and colorful lights, but also for the special effects they can create. In addition to the classic rockets and firecrackers, there are also Smoke and Bengal fireworks, which can create a unique atmosphere.

Smoke fireworks produce dense clouds of smoke different colours, which bathe the sky in a fascinating play of colors. These effects are particularly popular for special event stagings or to ring in the New Year with the colors of your favorite club. Bengal fireworks, on the other hand, produce intense, glowing flames that can light up the night sky and create a magical atmosphere.

Smoke and Bengal fireworks offer a variety of possible uses:

  • Event stagings: Impressive moods and atmospheric effects can be staged with smoke and Bengal fireworks.
  • Sporting events: Bengal fireworks are ideal for creating an exciting atmosphere at sporting events.
  • Concerts and festivals: Smoke fireworks can envelop the stage in a wall of smoke, creating an intense concert experience.
  • Private celebrations: Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary – smoke and Bengal fireworks create a special atmosphere and unforgettable memories.

The combination of smoke and Bengal fireworks with the classic fireworks makes it possible to create an impressive overall picture and offer guests an unforgettable experience.

When handling smoke and bengal fireworks, it is important to follow safety regulations and only use the fireworks in appropriate locations. Make sure to keep sufficient distance from flammable materials and people and ensure that the fireworks are placed on a stable surface. Enjoy the special effects and fascinating atmosphere that smoke and Bengal fireworks can create.

New composite fireworks for impressive shows

Composite fireworks, also known as batteries, are an impressive option for presenting impressive fireworks shows. With their help, breathtaking displays of lights and radiant moments in the sky can be created. New composite fireworks offer a variety of effects and color combinations to create a veritable sea of ​​sparkling lights.

The composite fireworks are available in various sizes, from smaller batteries with 16 shots to large shows with up to 300 shots and impressive effect heights. Each firework display is carefully designed, harmoniously combining colors and effects to present an unforgettable fireworks show.

Whether at public events or private celebrations – new composite fireworks create a magical atmosphere and delight the audience with their impressive effects. Whether you want to stage a large show or combine smaller batteries, the variety of new composite fireworks allows you to customize your fireworks show and create unforgettable moments.

Small fireworks displays for special occasions

Small fireworks displays are the perfect choice to special occasions to celebrate and create unforgettable moments. Whether on New Year's Eve, Weddings or other celebrations - they create a festive atmosphere and conjure up a radiant smile on the guests' faces. Table bombs are a popular option for instantly transforming the table into a sparkling spectacle. Sparklers, on the other hand, enchant with their warm glow and bring a romantic atmosphere into the night. For Children There are special youth fireworks displays that are age-appropriate and safe.

However, when using small fireworks, it is important to observe the applicable safety regulations. The fireworks should only be lit by adults and kept under supervision. It is advisable to have them on one fireproof base burn and keep a sufficient distance from combustible materials. This is how you can do it magical moments enjoy safely.

Whether in a small group or at large celebrations – Small fireworks displays bring shine and joy to every special event. With their help you can create unforgettable moments and make your guests' hearts beat faster. Celebrate with miniature fireworks and let the occasion shine with a sparkling glow of lights!

Fireworks novelties for various occasions

Fireworks are not only popular on New Year's Eve, but also on other occasions such as weddings, birthdays or other celebrations. With us you will find exciting things all year round Fireworks noveltiesto make your event an unforgettable experience. Whether you want an impressive fireworks show or a small one Fireworks items - we have everything you need to enrich your celebration with sparkling moments.

Our fireworks innovations include:

  • Rockets with spectacular effects and breathtaking heights
  • Firecrackers with impressive volume for that special “oomph”
  • Smoke and Bengal fireworks for unique color effects
  • Composite fireworks, um impressive shows to present in the sky
  • Small fireworks displays such as table bombs and sparklers for cozy celebrations

Whether you are planning a private celebration in a small circle or a large event, our Fireworks novelties offer something suitable for every occasion Highlight. Celebrate unforgettable moments with our fireworks and delight your guests with spectacular lights in the sky.

Please note that the safe handling of fireworks is a top priority. Always read the instructions carefully and adhere to applicable safety regulations. Fireworks should only be lit by responsible adults and a sufficient safe distance from people and buildings must be ensured.

Fireworks innovations for impressive celebrations

With the latest Fireworks novelties You can shoot impressive lights into the sky and make celebrations unforgettable. From spectacular shows to powerful sound, the new firecrackers, bangers and composite fireworks offer a variety of possibilities. You don't have to go to expensive events to see beautiful fireworks - just do it yourself!

The fireworks innovations allow you to take your celebration to a new level. With the big firecrackers and bangers you can make the sky shake and create an impressive sound experience. The composite fireworks offer you one wide range of effects and colors to stage a breathtaking show. Whether for private events or public celebrations, with the new fireworks you can delight your guests and create unforgettable moments.

The highlights of the fireworks innovations

  • Spectacular firecrackers with an extra loud bang
  • Innovative hits with unique visual effects
  • Composite fireworks for magnificent light shows
  • A variety of colors and effects for individual presentations

Fireworks innovations offer you the opportunity to impressive to celebrate festivals and experience unforgettable moments. Let your creativity run wild and create your own spectacular fireworks show. From loud firecrackers to colorful light displays – the selection of new fireworks is huge and has something to suit every taste.

Plan your next celebration and make a statement with the new fireworks. Impress your guests with breathtaking fireworks and create unforgettable memories. No matter whether you are planning a small private party or a large public event - the new fireworks are guaranteed to make your party shine in the right light.

New fireworks for children

The little ones also look forward to special fireworks moments on New Year's Eve or other occasions. There is a wide range of youth fireworks displays designed specifically for Children are suitable for ages 14 and up. From funny firecrackers and sparklers to table fireworks and Bengal fires – Children can actively participate in the atmosphere and safely handle fireworks.

Some of the new fireworks displays for kids include:

  • Funny firecrackers that provide fun and surprise
  • Colorful sparklers that create brilliant lighting effects
  • Table fireworks that offer a small but impressive fireworks display
  • Bengal fires, which are available in different colors and create a special atmosphere

When choosing fireworks for children, it is important to pay attention to age information and safety instructions. Parents or guardians should teach their children how to handle fireworks and ensure they are used responsibly.

The most important categories of fireworks innovations

There are two main categories of fireworks, which are differentiated according to the Explosives Ordinance:

  1. Category F1: Small fireworks such as sparklers belong to the F1 category and can be purchased all year round. They are safer to handle and produce less explosive force. These fireworks are for the private use intended and may be used by people aged 12 and over.
  2. Category F2: Firecrackers, rockets, batteries and composite fireworks are part of category F2 and may only be sold and ignited at certain times. These fireworks produce greater explosive power and therefore require special precautions. The purchase and use of category F2 fireworks is permitted to people aged 18 and over.

When buying fireworks, you should always make sure that they comply with applicable safety regulations and have an appropriate test seal. Before use, read the instructions carefully and observe the safety instructions. Only use fireworks outdoors and ensure a sufficient safe distance from people, animals and flammable materials.

Tips for using fireworks safely:

  • Always wear one when lighting fireworks Safety goggles and protect your hands from burns with gloves.
  • Never set off fireworks indoors Close to easy flammable materials or indoors.
  • Make sure that rockets and firecrackers have a solid base and cannot fall over.
  • Always keep children and pets at a distance and warn them about the dangers of fireworks.
  • Do not use damaged fireworks and dispose of them properly.

Safety when handling fireworks items

When handling fireworks items Safety top priority. We should always be aware that fireworks contain explosive materials and improper use can result in serious injury. It is therefore important to observe the applicable safety regulations and act responsibly when lighting fireworks.

Some basic safety rules should always be followed. Before use, carefully read the instructions and warnings on the packaging. Make sure you just Fireworks items Buy products marked with the CE mark, as this ensures a certain quality and compliance with safety regulations.

  • Always maintain a sufficient safe distance from other people and buildings. Rockets should never be fired by hand, but only from solid containers that are securely placed on the surface ground to stand.
  • Make sure you have enough space to set off the fireworks safely. Batteries and composite fireworks require a fixed one underground to fall over and explode uncontrollably.
  • Always wear safety glasses and safety glasses when igniting fireworks Glovesto avoid eye injuries and burns.

Fireworks are beautiful to watch, but they also come with risks. Pay attention to yours Safety and the safety of others by taking proper precautions.

Remember that Fireworks items are not suitable for indoor use. Always ignite outdoors, in a safe place far enough away from combustible materials. Hold on too Fire Extinguisher or a bucket of water ready to quickly extinguish possible fires.

Never give children fireworks or allow them to play with them unsupervised. Small fireworks such as sparklers should only be used under adult supervision. We can help keep fireworks moments safe and memorable by following safety rules and acting responsibly.


The fuse is an indispensable part of fireworks and pyrotechnics. It enables spectacular and unforgettable moments on various occasions. Due to its wide range of uses, it is particularly popular on New Year's Eve, when camping, outdoors and for survival activities. But the fuse is also used as a hobby for crafts or for self-defense.

However, caution should be exercised when purchasing and using fireworks. It is important to observe applicable safety regulations and handle fireworks items responsibly. For example, rockets should only be fired from solid containers and batteries and composite fireworks require a safe base. With the necessary caution, you can enjoy unforgettable fireworks experiences and create radiant moments.

Overall, the fuse offers a wide range of possibilities to create impressive displays of lights in the sky and create unforgettable moments. Whether you are interested in new rockets, firecrackers, smoke and Bengal fireworks or composite fireworks decide - the variety of Types of fireworks leaves no wish unfulfilled. Take advantage of the various options and experience enchanting shows, both on New Year's Eve and on other special occasions.


Where and when can you buy fuse?

In Germany, the sale of fuses is regulated by law. Retail sales are only permitted from December 28th to December 31st. However, you can order fuses online all year round.

What types of fireworks are there?

There are a variety of types of fireworks such as rockets, firecrackers, smoke and Bengal fireworks as well as compound fireworks.

What new rockets are there?

Pyrotechnics is constantly evolving and there are always new rockets on the market to enable spectacular light displays.

What new firecrackers are there?

Manufacturers keep offering new firecrackers with high explosive power and impressive volume.

What smoke and Bengal fireworks are there?

Smoke and Bengal fireworks are available in different colors and create a special effect.

What new composite fireworks are there?

Composite fireworks, also known as batteries, are an impressive option for presenting an impactful fireworks show. They are available in different sizes and effect heights.

What small fireworks displays are there?

There are a variety of small fireworks such as table bombs and sparklers that are ideal for setting the mood and special occasions to celebrate.

What new fireworks are there?

There are exciting new fireworks to discover all year round, enabling impressive displays of lights.

What new fireworks are there for children?

There is a wide range of youth fireworks that are especially suitable for children aged 14 and over, including fun firecrackers, sparklers and table fireworks.

Which categories belong to the new fireworks?

According to the Explosives Ordinance, new fireworks are divided into categories F1 and F2.

How can you handle fireworks safely?

When handling fireworks items, safety is the top priority. Always read the instructions and observe the applicable safety regulations.

What safety measures apply when purchasing and using fireworks?

The purchase and use of fireworks are subject to certain safety regulations. Always pay attention to the applicable regulations.

Comprehensive Guide to Fuse Cord: Top Sources for Information and Products

  • Discover more about fuse: your resource guide

    • Fuse Wikipedia: Get comprehensive information about fuse on Wikipedia, the renowned online encyclopedia that offers in-depth insight into a variety of topics.
    • Fuse YouTube: Explore fuse through a variety of videos on YouTube. From informative tutorials to product reviews, YouTube offers a rich source of visual content.
    • Amazon fuse: Discover the extensive product range from fuse on Amazon. Here you will find a variety of options, user reviews and much more.
    • Ebay fuse: Browse through a large selection fuse-Products on Ebay. This marketplace offers both new and used options that may meet your needs.

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      The detonating cord is available in different lengths to meet different needs. You can choose between cords that are from a few centimeters to several meters long. The burning speed of the fuse varies depending on the type and quality. As a rule, however, it is a few centimeters per second. It is important to handle the fuse safely and keep it in a safe place to avoid accidents. With the fuse you can ignite your fireworks or other pyrotechnic effects comfortably and safely!

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